Spotlight On Poloniex Contest : @iamlynxie : My Poloniex Experience(100% Power Up).

It's yet another great contest and it is of utmost pleasure that I partake in these and thus drop my entry here. I would be talking about Poloniex Exchanger so stay tuned.


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Poloniex is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy trade and sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies which including the likes bitcoin, ethereum and others. it was launched in 2014 by Tristan D'Agosta and the company is located in Delaware USA.

Poloniex basically makes their money by charging both buyers and sellers on their platform some fees for their everyday transactions. I first came to know about Poloniex in 2018 by my friends who trade forex and cryptocurrencies in large volumes. They actually used Poloniex to make their transactions easier and flexible. Although I wasn't trading at the moment and even if I was into cryptocurrency I had other platform I was using for exchanges then.


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In 2019 when I start growing more interested in trading I decided to give a try to Poloniex and so far it's been a great experience. The best future I like about Poloniex is the fact that they offer additional services like margin trading and poloniex lending that can be automated with a poloniex lending bot like AIVREN.

Poloniex lending helps investors to be able to borrow money from other poloniex users to trade in larger amounts. The users in return earns interests on top of what they lend to investors.


  • Poloniex runs a wide range of cryptocurrencies including steem, ripple e.t.c and also has list of smaller currencies like burst and blackcoin e.t.c.
  • Poloniex exchange is safer for transactions and safe keeping of customer funds considering the strict government regulation as a US-based company.
  • Poloniex has a very large amount of liquidity which reduces the risk of volatility. This means you can always find someone to trade with easily.
  • Poloniex don't charge you fees for withdrawals and deposits. You only pay for blockchain transaction fees unlike other cryptocurrency exchanges that charges you for deposits and withdrawals.
  • Trading fees on poloniex is very low and reduces the more you trade bigger volumes.
  • Poloniex don't need to verify your identity when trading except you are trading more than $2000 a day. this is because they don't have any affiliation with real-world money.
  • Poloniex has great trading tools like stop-limit orders, candlestick chart from 5mins to 4hrs, ability to zoom in and out of chart and many more that makes the platform suitable for beginners.
  • Poloniex lending facility helps investors to trade bigger volumes conviniently.
  • Poloniex have great range of support option including emails, live chat and ticket support.


  • Poloniex has no traditional payment method like the use of debit cards, credit cards or bank accounts for deposits or withdrawals.
  • Poloniex has a bad record of being hacked in 2014 were people's funds were lost.

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One of the major reasons I love Poloniex exchange is for the fact that they trade in s wider range of cryptocurrencies and for that fact I would readily recommend anyone to use use Poloniex exchange. These is specially those that trade with other smaller cryptocurrencies like blackcoin, Bela, burst e.t.c.


Sometime in 2019 Poloniex announced it's partnerships with Justin Sun who is BitTorrent CEO, TRON founder
and some other investors. Their goal is to elevate blockchain and digital assets to greater value and to providing a better trading experience for investors worldwide.

These is my experience with Poloniex and I hope I was able to enlighten you more on Polonoex and it's great features.

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twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 13:34

Poloniex runs a wide range of cryptocurrencies including steem, ripple e.t.c and also has list of smaller currencies like burst and blackcoin

Yes .. I love it because it's one of the best place to trade steem. Good trading volume compared to others.

05.11.2020 14:40

You are indeed right 😊.
Best institution to trade

Well done 👍
I can't wait to trade on the site
With my first steem



05.11.2020 15:07

Yeah @gracellagift you would enjoy your experience when trading on POLONIEX.

Hope to get your feedback on that.

twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 16:11

Yes the trading volume is great compared to others, thanks for taking time to read through @besticofinder.

twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 16:09

Thank you for taking part in the Spotlight on Poloniex Contest.

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The Steemit Team

05.11.2020 16:31

Thanks for the upvote @steemcurator01, I would definately do more.

twopercent #nigeria

05.11.2020 16:36

Well detailed post about Poloniex, poloniex is a leading and legendary cryptocurrency exchange platform

06.11.2020 08:34

Yes it is, thanks for reading through @eberech10

06.11.2020 10:01

Poloniex is one of the best trading platform so far. But the problem most people fined with it is not accepting fiat currencies.
Thanks for the detailed information about Poloniex.

affable #onepercent #nigeria

06.11.2020 15:47

Thanks for reading through @chinonso1, if Poloniex accepts fiat currencies they might be the leading exchange.

twopercent #nigeria

06.11.2020 21:00

That is the it and we are looking towards the adoption of that feature

affable #twopercent #nigeria

06.11.2020 21:42