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Hello fellow Steemians it is yet another contest for us to partake in and I say a very big thank you to @ulisesfl17 and @steemingcurators for organizing the contest. Thank you @steemalive for keeping us engaged with intriguing tasks as well.


My Steemian Best Friends

These contest is titled My Steemian Best Friend so sit back and relax while I tell you who my steemian best friends are.

Who Is A Friend?

A Friend is a persom who stops at nothing to make you better! they cry when you cry and laugh when you laugh. Some friends are even there for you more that you family members are, these is what makes friendship better and worth celebrating. Join me as I talk about my Steemian best friends and why.


My Steemian Best Friend (1)

My Steemian number one best friend is from Cameroon, she is a twin and cute. We actually met when I sent her a message on WhatsApp about a meal she made and posted on the steemit platform. Ever since we started communicating to this moment I'm writing this, we have kept in constant communication without a break. I either check on her or she checks on me which is part of what defines friendship.

More About Her

  • Village: Chenam, Mbengwi
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Favorite food: Portage cocoa (Nang Tare)
  • Best Color: Blue
  • Hobbies: Loves to travel, cook, write, Indoor board games, Loves to put a smile on people's faces.
  • Occupation: Member committee vice president in charge of Finance and Legal administration for AIESEC in Jordan

Career Target: Peace and fulfilment of human kind potentials through practical experiences.

Outside steemit she is very hardworking and focused on whatever she starts to do until she achieves it. I also like that she is family-oriented, she loves food as much as I love food so we both foodies which makes us one.

When it comes to steemit she has really been of help to me. There was a time she sent me a link to our achievement tasks, because of that I was able to complete my achievement 1 to 6 tasks so fast. Another great quality she possesses is that she is always open to ideas and avenues that could make her Steem and grow better on the steemit ecosystem.

Impact Empowerment Program

From my little time of being friends with her these are the things I notice that she loves the most. The Steemian in question has the interest of her fellow Cameroonian women currently living in poverty due to the Anglophone crisis at heart. In regards to that she came up with a Program. The aim of the program is to empower young women of Cameroon and train them on skills that will help them earn a better living. The set of skill are in making:

  • Beaded lamp stands
  • Sandals/slippers
  • Table mats
  • Flower jars
  • Handbags
  • Jewelries

    The name of the program is ‘’IMPACT EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM’’ and I kindly request that you all pledge your support the little way you can to bring these dream to life. It is officially opening on the 23rd of Novenber till 28th of Novermber.

    • In the near future I envision this lady as a very famous and successful Cameroonian/French lady, lol. I am very certain about that because I have noticed the characteristics of very successful and accommodating people in her. You would shine brighter for putting smiles on people’s faces dear, I believe in you. I really want to say thank you for being my friend and for always having my back just like you said one time. My question is why do you always call me a naughty boy?

    I know y’all been waiting to know whom I have been referring to. Her name is Clautilda Tengu Atanga (a.k.a Tania) and I am proud to call her my Steemian best friend because she has proven it over time.


    My Steemian Best Friend (2)

    My second Steemian friend is guy from Cameroon. We started communicating on whatsapp the very first week I joined Steemit and this was because I needed his help and directions on certain thing about steemit as a newbie.

    We actually do not communicate as much as expected but the little times we chat I always get value and satisfaction. The things I like about him is that he is so down to earth and not proud, he puts other people’s interest first before considering himself. This man is very hard working, focused and diligent I know you Steemians can testify to that as you know him so well.


    These my second best friend is a twin as well, his name is Claud Nji Atanga and his username is @njiatanga. I am proud to call him my Steemian best friend because he has proven it by his actions that speaks louder than words. Thank you for not neglecting my whatspp message thereby always answering my curious questions then giving me answers and solutions. God bless your effort.

    I know you are a great leader in the making, and on behalf of your goodwill to others, I say thank you.


    Did You Notice My Two Steemian Best Friends Are Twin And Siblings?
    Call Your Friends,
    I'll Call My Friends,
    So We can Be Friends,
    And Do These Every Weekend.
    Notorious BIG

    At these point I would drop my pen as you already know who my fellow Steemian friends are. Thanks for reading through and joining me to celebrate my two Steemian Best Friends, I hope these was applauding enough. Thank you @tenguhatanga and @njiatanga for being there for me.
    Thanks you @ulisesfl17 and @steemingcurators for the contest and @steemalive for keeping us busy, my leader @focusnow thanks for everything sir, I am loyal.

    Warm Regards,



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Wow I didn't know they're siblings talk more of twins😱
This is nice👍


13.11.2020 17:18

Yes they are Twin @mesonia, thanks for reading through.

twopercent #nigeria

14.11.2020 06:09

Thank you @iamlynxie for making your entry in the diary game.

Steemit has helped each and everyone of us to make friends with people that we may not have ordinarily have known.

Continue to make good contents as usual.


onepercent #nigeria

13.11.2020 18:50

Thanks for these @samuel20, we as a team can only work together to make steemit a better place.

14.11.2020 06:08

Wow!!! I am flattered @iamlynxie. I didn't know I had occupied that place in your heart naughty boy. Once again thank you for bringing my project to the world and I pray to have a successful training. Actually I have always had that inner call to help those in need the little way I can so I came up with this and I'm excited to deliver the necessary skills. Thanks

twopercent #cameroon

13.11.2020 23:27

Don't be flattered so you don't go flat like a tire😁.

God would grant your heart desires.

Answer my question.

14.11.2020 06:06

Thanks @tenguhatanga and @njiatanga for filling @iamlynxie's heart with joy and happiness because she appreciates them as her best steemit friends. The impact empowerment program that @tenguhatanga's friend carries, is very admirable and worthy of recognition.

The best way to empower ourselves of our lives and have absolute control of all the experiences and situations that we encounter is by appropriating knowledge and awakening the true consciousness that leads us to fly through the loving practice of our gifts and talents; in this way, we will stop working to be practitioners of our gifts and talents. Blessings to this impact empowerment program and the entire African region.

Your friend @ulisesfl17, found this publication interesting and for meeting the quality standard of the steemingcurators community has been registered in the contest tell us who your best steemit friends are.

Good vibe.




14.11.2020 03:21

Thank you @ulisesfl17 for reading through my post and finding it rich.

The impact empowerment program that @tenguhatanga's friend carries, is very admirable and worthy of recognition.

Yes very true it is worthy of recognition and I hope it goes beyond expectations in the near future.

twopercent #nigeria

14.11.2020 06:03

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