My 2021 Budget - in Steem, USD and local currency : 100% Power Up.


My 2021 Budget

Hello Steeming buddies, I am hoping you are all doing just fine. This contest is a great one as it would also help each person have a critical view of what they really need for their 2021 and how to budget for it.


**How Much Money Do You Yeed For 2021?**

As for how much money I need for 2021, it is quite infinite because I need as much as I can grab to succeed faster in my goals. However, to start the year 2021 very well I would need the sum of 2million Nigerian Naira which I deem fit to set a pace that I need to reach.

What Is The Steem, US dollar & Your Local Currency Value If The Money In Question?

The sum of money would be displayed on a table in 3 different forms below;

AMOUNT 24,349 5,264 2,000,000

That is about the amount of money I need for 2021.


What Are The First 3 Things You Would Do With The Money & Why?

My Goal, Plan & Action

There are three major things I would do to make my 2021 a fulfilled one, below are the three thing I would do and why;


I have been thinking getting an office were I would recruit new users into steemit and train them till they are able to navigate their way through steemit and also see reasons to pass it on. So I would first of sll get an office were I would need 4 desktops for recruits and administrative use, a smart TV and Laptop for presentations during training, a one year 10 user wifi subscription for the office, some tables and chairs, capital for radio adverts and promotional materials as well. This is because I want to keep promoting steemit so all that would amount to about (12,174 Steem, 2,632USD, 1million Naira).


Forex has always been a thing I have liked for over a decade but I have never been opportune to learn it professionally. It is the second thing I would do through one of the top forex schools like Alpari in Abuja. This would go a long way in making my 2021 a fruitful one because Iam working towards my financial and time freedom this year 2021. All the necessary things needed in the office amounts to (8333 Steem, 1,842 USD, 700,000 Naira).


The 3rd thing I would do is invest the balance into buying steem and powering up to affect my influence positively on the steemit ecosystem. This in turn impacts steemit positively and I would keep supporting other users especially the new comers by voting their posts and commenting as well. Steem is worth investing in with a win win mindset so I would gladly invest the balance of (3,571 Steem, 790 USD, 300,000 Naira).



That is all about how much I need for the year 2021, with that amount I am sure of ending the year 2021 as a multi-millionaire and ensuring that I carry other people along the journey. Thank you @steemalive for this great contest, thank you @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 for support, also say thanks to @stephenkendal for promoting the #contest tag.

You can also participate by clicking the link to the contest post HERE


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Nice entry @iamlynxie. You have great plans for yourself and all are into promoting @steemit. That shows your love for the platform and how you want it to grow. God will bless you and your plans.

twopercent #cameroon

12.01.2021 17:47

Yeah steemit is worth promoting because a lot of people are seeking such opportunity, thanks for the kind words @tenguhatanga.

twopercent #nigeria

13.01.2021 06:43

for sure my dear. We got this and have to grow together. Best of luck

twopercent #cameroon

13.01.2021 18:01

That is a very analytic budget from your @iamlynxie. I hope you see the #2M you seek in 2021.

12.01.2021 18:16

Thank you @tmighty, I hope to acquire it and make a positive difference through steemit. Hope is still alive though.

twopercent #nigeria

12.01.2021 22:32

Wisdom demands that we think be for,words and ideas can change better,
Nice post

13.01.2021 15:04