Love For Steem & Steemit : The Importance Of Steem To Me As A Steemian (100% Power Up)

I am intrigued by such a great contest that allows me to express my utmost joy as a Steemian, steemit has been a blessing and nothing less so stay with me till the end to know why.


My Love For Steem & Steemit

Steem is a cryptocurrency listed on Coinmarketcap and recognized mostly through it's social blockchain known as steemit. Steemit as we know is a platform that rewards it's users for curating good contents and there is currently no platform as rewarding and flexible as steemit is.


My Experience

I joined steemit in September 2020 and ever since it has been nothing less than the best. I was curious as to how I can earn money online through a legit platform and then a friend introduced me to steemit. Since then I evolved from being a newbie to graduating from the 6 achievement task within a short time. Currently I am Abuja City Coordinator(SCC) for @steemalive community and I try yo promote steemit the best way I can.


My Benefits

Steem & Tron

Since I joined steemit I have always benefitted in several ways and I proudly stand to tell you that I am still a beneficiary of steemit. Below are the things I benefit as a Steemian;

  • Professionalism: As a Steemian I was thought how to write professionally by applying markdowns correctly, avoiding plagiarism and be more creative then how to engage with other Steemians through quality comments and replies. It has been an Educative experience and am grateful to be a Steemian for that.
  • Connection/Networking: Personally I love to meet and connect with people of various tribes and religions, with steemit I have achieved that with ease by meeting like minded Steemians from virtually every continent of the world. This has helped me learn new culture and so on.
  • Source Of Promotion: One of the best part is that since I joined steemit, it has been an extra source of promoting whatever I do. Through the dialy Lid Report done by @steemalive and *The Diary Game, I have succeeded in showcasing whatever I do to the world which is of great advantage to me.
  • Sense Of Belonging & Love: My presence in steemit is so valued both by those I have met physically and mostly by those I have never met, this makes me feel loved and I in turn value other Steemians as well as steemit that has created an avenue for me to socialize great minds. I Love You All Steemian.
  • Getting Rewarded: There is nothing as great as getting rewarding especially when doing what you have passion for. Since I joined steemit it has paid off continuously and this has helped me on several occasions to take care of Bills. The feeling is a great one when you know that your time and effort is rewarded and the best part is that it assures every user of financial freedom and time freedom especially after TRON(Trx) partnered with Steem and increase it's user's earnings.


What I Can Do For Steemit

Steemit To Greater Heights


Since I joined steemit and have been benefiting from the platform, I have thought of ways to do something good for the platform and so far the best I have been doing is to keep promoting Steemit to the world as much as I can. As Abuja City Coordinator, I have been able to recruit a few users to steemit. Below is the list of users I have recruited to steemit and their Nationality;

Username Country
@ayomide1110 Nigeria
@vvarishayy Pakistan
@aroleola Nigeria
@chibexxo Nigeria
@vickysmiles Nigeria
@shezzlebe Nigeria
@lollipops Nigeria
@donluther Nigeria
@simplyvicky22 Nigeria
@mato445 Nigeria
@aqsanoor922 SEA
@hiffa SEA
@isaiah2020 Nigeria
@songsteemit1987 SEA
@eddymaverick Nigeria
@annette456 Nigeria
@esttyqueen Nigeria

I love steemit so much and it has been a blessing, for this reason I want to impact other people's lives by promoting steemit and having more users join so that the community would keep growing bigger and better with more recognition worldwide.



Proudly Steemian

That is it guys, I am proud to be a Steemian and would stop at nothing to keep promoting steemit to everyone everywhere. I hope you had a swell time reading through my contest entry, thanks for your time in reading through. Thank you @bright-obias for this wonderful and engaging contest. I hereby invite @mato445, @ayomide1110 and @vvarishayy to participate in this contest.



Warm Regards,
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Hello @bright-obias,

I have made a post on twitter with the link to this post, below is the screenshot and link to the post;

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Thank you.

twopercent #nigeria

23.02.2021 02:31

thank you for inviting me to this contest :)
And thank you for telling me about steemit.

it has been nothing less than the best.

indeed it is the best.

23.02.2021 18:09

You are welcome @vvarishayy, let's keep making steemit a better place.

twopercent #nigeria

26.02.2021 09:21

Great content about steemit my friend. Indeed it has been a blessing to all of us. Thanks for sharing with us.

24.02.2021 23:31

Thanks for the contest once more.

26.02.2021 09:15

Thank you for participating in the Steemit Nursery Community contest - Love4steem and steemit!

You have been voted by @bright-obias, as a member of the Steem Greeters team STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator account @steemcurator03 to support newcomers who enter steemit.

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Have a nice day!

28.02.2021 04:25

Thank you for the comment and upvote @bright-obias and @steemcurator03, I would keep posting quality contents on steemit and supporting mew comers.

twopercent #nigeria

02.03.2021 09:08