How Did You Find #steemit Contest (100% Power Up)

Hello to you all my family and friends on steemit, Merry Christmas to you all. I'm so happy to be participating in this contest "HOW DID YOU FIND STEEMIT".

This is the first contest that STEEMIT NURSERY is organizing and so I am very happy to be participating, do read to the end so you know how I came about STEEMIT.

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"STEEMIT" My New Found Love

I came across Steemit through a friend of mine who is also a Steemit user, she is @sambee. The way she told me about it was due to my inquisitiveness in a WhatsApp group that both belong to. The group is actually a social group but because of my love for online businesses I decided to take the bold step and ask on the group if anyone knows about a good online business that is legit and paying. She responded to my question and told me about Steemit. We got chatting privately in the process and she told me everything about steemit and how it is a social blockchain. First of all I compared it to other website that pays its users for commenting on their news but she told me it is different from that.


The above is a screenshot of when I made the request on the whatsapp group.


This is when @sambee private chatted me and told me all about steemit.


This is when she sent me the link to sign up on steemit.


Thats a screenshot of when she sent me link on how to setup my steemit account. At this point I couldn't wait to start posting.


This is when she told me about introductory post as being important and then sent me a link to her own as example.


This is when I finally did my achievement 1 Introductiom post and then sent her the link to the post.

Check my Introction Post Here


I fell in love with the idea after asking questions and getting satisfactory answers, I then decided to sign up immediately. I remember it was a surprise when I realised it did not have a referral program for earning bonuses through reffering new users through you, that made me fall in love with Steemit more. It was funny when she told me about my introduction post but I saw the originality with the method of proper introduction then finally did my introduction post on the 9th of September 2020.

Nothing can be compared to earning money while doing what you love to do.

Since I became a steemit user, I haven't regretted signing up and using the blockchain platform for my daily activities and engagements. The best part is that it has connected me with lovely people around the world and has also taught me how to writing professionally which is a plus.




Since I joined steemit I have gained a lot, and a few of that is that;

  • I earn steem as rewards for my time and data.
  • I earn Tron(TRX) as an extra reward on steemit which is same ration as steem that I earn(1:1).
  • I have met great like minds on steemit and have become friends and family with them.
  • I have learnt how to blog professionally through the help of steemit.
  • I was made Steemalive City Coordinator for Abuja City here in Nigeria.
  • I have promoted, recruited and trained a few new users since I joined and most of them are doing great.

    • Now the truth is I can't help but have a cup of #steemit everyday I wake up and before going to bed, it's just a part of me right now and seriously I am blessed to be a steamit user. Special thanks to @sambee for making me be a member of steemit and the @steemalive community, may you reap the fruits of your good works.
    I @iamlynxie and #steemit would be together for millenniums.



    Thanks for reading through my article on how I found out about steemit, it was an opportunity to share with you how I joined and how I have been blessed by becoming a part of the steemit social blockchain. Thanks for the time in reading through and keep steeming hot.

    I want to say a special thank you to @belenguerra for organising such a remarkable contest, to @steemcurator01@steemcurator02 and @steemcurator03 thanks for you endless support.

    Special Mentions To;

    @giantgame, @stephenkendal, @cryptokannon@trafalgar, @gunthertopp, @giuatt07 and @jphamer1 for their kind support.


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    Warm Regards,

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Hello @bellenguerra,

Thanks for such a wonderful contest taking us down memory lane. I made a post of with the link of this post on Twitter and below is the screenshot and link to my Twitter posts;

Screenshot Of Twitter Post

Twitter Link;

Thanks once more.

Warm Regards,

twopercent #nigeria

25.12.2020 14:40

@lynxie, this is cute.
Most times it is nice to speak up when in need of anything, if you had not asked, @sambee wouldn't have introduced steemit to you.
Nice to know that you had achieved all these within a very short period of time.
Keep steeming hot, greater heights awaits you here.
Best regards



25.12.2020 16:38

Yes speaking up is best, better to ask and not get amswers than to not ask and regret not asking. Am most happy that @sambee had the courage to share the opportunity with me.

Thanks for reading through my able #scclagos, you know I am growing up to be like you na. You have achieved much as well, bless up dear.

twopercent #nigeria

25.12.2020 19:19

@lynxie, i am still growing oooooo.
I even want to learn from you.

25.12.2020 20:29

Ok oh, @talktofaith let's keep learning from each other in that case.

twopercent #nigeria

26.12.2020 07:45

Hi,@iamlynxie thats a lovely post in Steemit Nursery.
I hope you continue good post for steemit.

25.12.2020 19:00

Yes I would keep trying my best to post good contents, thanks for reading through my post @afzalqamar.

twopercent #nigeria

25.12.2020 19:23

It is nice to ask questions when we are in dare need. Your questions yielded you a gold mine.

Thanks for sharing

25.12.2020 21:34

Yeah very true, I am glad I asked. Steemit is really a goldmine and I cherish it. Thanks for reading through @exceptional20.

twopercent #nigeria

26.12.2020 07:39

Good write up there @iamlynxie. You have made great progress since you joined @steemit. I must comment @sambee for guiding you through to joining the platform else I wouldn't have met you. This platform is the best you can ever ask of in life. More wins on @steemit

twopercent #cameroon

26.12.2020 04:55

Yeah @sambee is God sent I must say, am glad I joined steemit seriously. It's a great platform for everyone and glad to have met you on here. Thanks for reading through @tenguhatanga.

twopercent #nigeria

26.12.2020 07:30

Thank you for participating in the Steemit Nursery Community contest!

You have been voted by @belenguerra, as a member of the Steem Greeters team STEEM POD Project and we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator account @steemcurator03 to support newcomers who enter Steemit.

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Have a nice day!

27.12.2020 04:29

Thank you for the comment and upvoted @belenguerra and @steemcurator03, I would keep participaying in more contest of yours.

However I look forward to your next contest.

twopercent #nigeria

27.12.2020 10:16

Nice post and story thank

onepercent #pakistan

27.12.2020 08:53
27.12.2020 12:44

welcome dear

27.12.2020 12:46