Hello fur-friends, I am happy to join this community. My name is Jazzy Rankz : 100% Power Up.


Happy new year and new beginning to y'all pet lovers in this new community, @fur-friends. It is of great pleasure that I am participating in this first of it's kind initiative on steemit. I am a pet lover especially for dogs, others are cats, bunnies, birds and guinea pigs. I would be talking about one of my pet, his name I JAZZY RANKZ and he is a SMART DOG.



Jazzy Rankz is a dog born on the 12th of January 2012, I liked it as soon as I saw it because as tiny as it was it kept barking at me. I had to deposit 20,000 Naira to secure it then balanced up the sum of 40,000 Naira the next day for assurance that it's mine. The following are details of Jazzy Rankz;

Pet Name: Jazzy Rankz

Country Of Origin: Nigeria

Sex: Male

Age: 9yrs Old

Breed: German Shephard

Health Status: Old Age Weakness & Ear Infection

Behaviour/General characteristics: Smart, Obidient, Wild & Protective

Any other details: Don't Make & Keep Friends

Jazzy Rankz' Pet Green Card

Jazzy Rankz' Vaccination Update



Little Jazzy

Before I bought Jazzy, my mum asked me not to keep dogs again because the last two I had were stolen from me. I trained them to be friendly and tolerating, that made it easy for them to be stolen. But as I would have it, that same January when I went back to school I met Jazzy at my Vet Doctor's Store. This was after withdrawing cash from ATM and trying to go back home. I couldn't help but stop and take a second look at the barking little pup with so much courage. On my third look, a voice told me this is what I needed.

Play Time For Jazzy

The training I gave Jazzy was totally different because I needed a change and I appreciated the effort I put into making a better dog from Jazzie. Today he is still alive and loyal to me to a fault, Since 2014 when I took it to my family house, my mum fell in love with it because as she saw a difference. Today while taking pictures of Jazzy's Pet Card, mum said to me "Jazzy Is Not For Sale, I kept laughing hard.




My name is Victor Ekpenyong and I am from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria, I am currently residing in the Capital City of Nigeria, Abuja and I am a Digital Marketer/Social Entrepreneur. I love to travel, surf the net, meet people, keep pets and enjoy earning money online.

@iamlynxie & Jazzy Rankz

I own Jazzy from the beginning and so far it has been a loving and satisfactory journey, I am glad to be introducing one of my pet to y'all of like minds. Pet lovers are naturally good lovers of humans, it's a know fact and I am pleased to meet you all on here.

Jazzy On Leash



Jazzy Rankz' Dog Whistle For Training

  • Jazzy Rankz is a cross breed of German Shepherd & Doberman Pinschers
  • Jazzy once bit a man's groins and tore it in February 2013, I was lucky it didnt cut any major connection and most lucky that its medical vaccination report was updated.
  • jazzy once bit one of my Lhasa Apso dog breed names Snowie and bursted it's eye balls open, the dog became blind till I gave it out.
  • Jazzy is wild, fierce and security conscious. This is partly because I trained it to be that way with roar meat chunks.
  • Jazzy has never allowed me put on a mouth guard on him because that was the only thing I didnt train it to get used to when going for vaccination.


β€œA dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.”
– Josh Billings

Today's Picture Of Old Jazzy Rankz

(IN JAZZY RANKZ' VOICE): Thanks to you all pet lovers, I promise to take note of y'all one by one so that I don't use my biting prowess on you especially @fur-friends who has done well with bringing this community of pet to life. I love you as much as you love us your Pets.
- Jazzy Rankz



Warm Regards,
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Wow! This is an incredible introduction. I admire your pet a lot. Welcome to the house dear @Jazzy Rankz. I like your name and I am pleased to have you join us here.


02.01.2021 11:22

Yeah thanks for the compliments, jazzy is pleased to have met you on here too.

However he is insisting on meeting Hazel & Lola, he promised to be a good old dog for that moments. Thanks for reading through @ngoenyi.

twopercent #nigeria

02.01.2021 14:50

Hello @fur-friends, I have a made a post in twitter with the link to this post attached. Below is screenshot and Twitter link to the post;

Twitter Screenshot

Twitter Link;


Thanks you once more for welcoming our pets to steemit.

twopercent #nigeria

02.01.2021 11:24

Hi Jazzy...
You look so cute..
I think i really love you.
I will meet you some day.
9yrs old and you are looking this beautiful and strong.
Wow, @lynxie you really did a great job here taking care of jazzy.
Nice meeting you Jazzy, take care of yourself.
Best regards



02.01.2021 11:35

9yrs old and you are looking this beautiful and strong.

This got me laughing oh, no be small beautiful Jazzy.. Taking care of it has been fun and I haven't been having it's time as much lately.

You would definately meet Jazzy someday, he asked to tell you that @talktofaith. Thanks for reading through, do enjoy your evening.

twopercent #nigeria

02.01.2021 14:46

Hello jazz, my name is Nelson and I am a cat lover or πŸ• lover lol, whatever. @iamlynxie your dog looks so pretty and agile, I am really admire your dedication to keep your dog vaccinated and safe.

Great job

02.01.2021 11:58

Yeah Jazzy is so agile I love that about him and yes vaccinating our pets especially dogs is paramount for our sfety first.

A dogs bite can cause rabies which can kill its victim. Anyone that derails from the vaccination and then have his dog bit someone, would face jail terms of up to 9yrs. So better safe than regret.

Thanks for reading through @WhiteStallion, looking to your entry soon.

twopercent #nigeria

02.01.2021 14:39

Age: 9yrs Old

I want to cry when I read this. How is he now?
That's old for a German Shepherd isn't it? 😭😭

I prefer Siberian Husky better at this part.
Cause they might outlive a German Shepherd by few years.

Still, please don't let any of them near me. I'm alright with looking at them from far though. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You're so strong, @iamlynxie. After 2 dogs got stolen, yet you have another pet.

When my family pet got into an accident, I was traumatize. Usually, we only kept some fish. That was the first time we got a cat. It got backfired so bad. πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

I did have 2 tortoises few years after but my mum gave them to a pet shop a few months after I had to further my study away from home. My mum called and told me that one of them has not been eating well. She thinks they missed me. It really broke me back then. As I couldn't bring my pet with me.

When Anne a little bigger, we might going to have a pet for her to take care of. If she likes. Hopefully not furry animals. Else I might never be near her. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

02.01.2021 12:40

Yes thats very true @sarahraudhah, 9yrs is quite old for dogs generally especially the fierce ones. I love siberian Husky as well with Alaskan Malamute, their beauty, strength and inteligence is top notch.

After 2 dogs got stolen, yet you have another pet.

For the love of pets I had to, though I was tempted not yo have another one until i came across Jazzy that changed my perception.

I'm alright with looking at them from far though. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

It's normal to be allergic to something, I guess yours is furred animals.


Losing a pet can be very painful, I actually have had so many dogs and some of them left great memories behind with me when they died. But I learned to move on when that happens no matter how painful it can be.

I did appreciate your time to comment on my posts, can't wait to meet you furless pet.

twopercent #nigeria

02.01.2021 14:33

I love siberian Husky as well with Alaskan Malamute, their beauty, strength and inteligence is top notch.

Alaskan Malamute 🀀🀀
The bigger the better. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I just wish they live longer.
I like (as much as someone with a phobia can like) wolf breed cause they're bigger (and stronger).
I'm scared of them but not as much as I'm scared of the little one. πŸ˜…

I did appreciate your time to comment on my posts, can't wait to meet you furless pet.

That might take a long while until Anne can stop wearing diapers. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

In alternate universe, if I can have a furry pet, I want a Growlithe in Pokémon. 😍😍

When I was younger, I like to write make up stories of me and Growlithe. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

02.01.2021 15:01

Yeah their life span is small compared to domestic dogs and how can you be scared of the little puppues than the bigger dogs? It's funny to me.

That might take a long while until Anne can stop wearing diapers. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

You got me laughing hard and I really do appreciate your time spent on replying to messages and articles.

Growlithe I dont know much about but I googled it now and saw a cute pet with furs, you must really like it from the unset. Thanks for your time @sarahraudhah.

twopercent #nigeria

07.01.2021 09:51

Hello Jazzy, welcome to the family. We are happy to have you as our second child. Although you are 9 years old, you still keep all the nice characteristics that made you lovely. You are partly a German Shepherd breed, which has been know for unique qualities. Although you suffer weakness because of old age, we are sure you will continue to do us proud in fur-friends. Welcome home once again. @iamlynxie.

Question: I hope the ear infection does not severely affect your hearing?

02.01.2021 14:05

Hello jazzy,welcome to the family. Will all over come 2020,i hope will all must go forward,once more jazzy you are welcome,
Nice post

02.01.2021 15:22

This is a very amazing dog. A cross breed has high qualities and it's offsprings are so good. It's o nice meeting Jazzy it's a wonderful dog and will for ever be your friend. Just don't sell it for any reason. From your records you've kept in good health. That's great. Thanks for letting us meet Jazzy

twopercent #cameroon

04.01.2021 15:47

Yeah Jazzy is a great dog and I wouldn't sell him for any reasons, he is pleased to meet you too and extends his regards.

(In Jazzy's Voice); Thank you @tenguhatanga.

twopercent #nigeria

05.01.2021 08:29

Me encanto todo lo que nos has contado de JAZZY RANKZ, eres como yo tengo todas las cartillas de las vacunas de mi mascota Nano, es importante cuidarlos. Bendiciones a ti y a tu hermosa mascota. @iamlynxie

I love everything you have told us about JAZZY RANKZ, you are like I have all the vaccination cards for my pet Nano, it is important to take care of them. Blessings to you and your beautiful pet. @iamlynxie

07.01.2021 00:52