Crypto Academy Week 2 Homework Post for @gbenga (100% Power Up)

This is an intriguing homework by @gbenga and I am delighted to be given the chance of airing my view on if I would either keep my Crypto Assets on a Wallet or an Exchange. Keep on reading to find out which one I would settle for.



Crypto Assets are very important and therefore needs to be kept safe, in regards to that several Wallets and Exchange has emerged with each having an edge over the other in terms of transaction fees, transaction speed, safety and so on. The major difference between a Wallet and an exchange is that when using a WALLET a users has total control of his assets while when using an EXCHANGE you dont have control over your coin as you are given certain amount of IOUs to represent your asset.


Would You Chose To Either Keep Your Coin In A Wallet Or On An Exchange?

I would rather keep my crypto assets in an exchange than in a Wallet for some reasons, the world is changing fast and the more you are open to more options is the more you have better chances at making every moment even better.


Why I Chose To Keep My Crypto Assets In An Exchange.

Exchange Over Wallet

  • The first reason why I prefer to keep my crypto assets in an exchange (centralized) is because of it's numerous features which it offers it users. One of the features I like is the option of easily swapping one coin to another coin.
  • The second reason for chosen an exchange is the fact that the transactions speed on exchanges are very fast and happens within seconds.
  • The last reason why I rather keep my crypto assets on an exchange is that eith their trading Charts, you can easily study how the market moves and the market trends which would help users learn how to trade and make profits successfully with their available asset on the exchange.



While it is no news that most people settle for exchanges rather than wallets, I see exchanges developing their platforms to an extend where the banks where we trade our fiat currency would go extinct. This is because cryptocurrency has bridged the gap thereby making every individual a bank of his own and with the numerous features on exchanges, anyone can comfortably be making money from the comfort of their homes through trading. Those are the above reasons I chose an EXCHANGE over WALLET, I believe it was fun and enlightening to you all. Thank you @ganga for such an opportunity here, I look forward to more from you.



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