ACHIEVEMENT 5 TASK 1 BY @iamlynxie : Review

Special greeting to you all my able Steemians, my experience on here so far has been a thing of joy and i am currently on a review of the steem world tools through careful analysis I did on


These is a tool built on blockchain and developed by our top witness @steemchiller and it is built to help access, review and manage each steemit account easily from one place and every user needs it.

steemit dashboard.PNG
Steemworld Home Page.

The above picture is a screenshot of the homepage, from the you would have to click on the DASHBOARD which is the first option above. Note that if you are not signed in, you would need to sign in by putting your username in the space made available for you.

steem dashboard.PNG
Steemworld Dashboard

Soon as you click on the dashboard, the above page appears and you now have complete control of your account from there. On the left side are numerous options concerning your account and i am going to be letting you in on their various features.


voting power.PNG
Voting Power

It is feature located in the top left of the steem world page and it is designed in a circular graphical form with a voting power percentage of up to 100%. below the circular graph is a vote value which shows the $ value of the different Voting power percentages. These voting power reduces whenever you upvote and then it recharges itself automatically with time.


This shows the values of the different voting percentages in $ and is dependent on how much Steem power you have in your account. It also has some steem links including,, :::Steemalive Website**

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Congratulations on completing your achievement 5 task.

I was educated on the basic steem tools .

This is great, well done.

twopercent #nigeria


05.10.2020 19:25

Yes it is really educative, thank you dear.

onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 09:32

Great work and analysis about steem tools which assist us in our daily activities on the platform. Congratulations @iamlynxie for completing your task

05.10.2020 19:49

Thank youcdear, we await yours soon.

onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 09:33

Great observations @iamlynxie! Did you noticed that with that platform you can check your pending rewards? The platform is such a wonderful platform that is still helping me till today. Did you also noticed that with the platform you can buy steem with your sbd via the steem market, you can as well convert your sbd to steem within 3.5days? @steemchiller is truly a genius for developing such platform.

Its very good that you completed your achievement 5 task 1. Its the best way to quickly learn about the steem platform. See you on your next achievement!

Steem on!

05.10.2020 22:02

Oh i see, i would take time out to do more research on the platform. Thanks for your time.

onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 09:31

Your welcome bro

06.10.2020 12:32
0 is such a nice tool be @steemchiller and just as you have found out through your studies, it helps access, review and manage each steemit account easily from one place . Hope you enjoyed the experience you had while exploring it? I had an amazing experience too, when I was writing the same achievement. I am happy you have gotten this far. Keep soaring higher, your graduation from the newcomers community is just around the corner

twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 02:07

Thanks for the wishes, it is really encouraging. I want to be like you as i am growing up.😋

onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 09:34

These voting power reduces whenever you upvote

Yes by 2% with full weight.

They can be eidted as much as you desire

There is no such option as "edit" in this section, either you can follow your follower by clicking "follow" or unfollow your follower by clicking "unfollow".

I appreciate your effort in this task.

Thank you.

06.10.2020 03:43

Yes boss i do appreciate the corrections, thanks to you.

onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 09:35

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MtThanks to you @sapwood and @steemcurator03 for your upvote and continuous support.

onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

06.10.2020 09:27