Achievement 4 by @iamlynxie : Task : Applying Markdowns"

They say ''practice makes perfect'' and the only way to achieve success in a particular sector, you need to play by their laid down policies.


There are reasons for markdowns;

  1. To ensure a professionally written article
  2. To clarify and highlight specific details on the article
  3. To avoid an undefined article

Thanks to @focusenow, @njiatanga and @tenguhatanga I am currently on my 4th Achievement post and you can also check out how to go about all your achievements hereall achievement.

I also got help from another link; MARKDOWN CODES FOR CITATION

Mark Down Codes Citation
They are use to write to ensure a professionally drafted article They are used to avoid plagiarism
They are programmed commands They are simple task you decide to take without coding
Does not have implications when not used Do have legal implications when not used rightly, leading to copyright or plagiarism.

With the above illustration i believe you now understand the difference and their applications.


The more consistent you are in doing a specific task, the better you become and progress becomes the outcome of what you are doing. At these point i am really convinced about my exposure here in the @steemalive community. I also look forward to getting the best out of these platform and at these point i would call it a day.

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Congratulation for completing your achievement4 task. You have been upvoted by @njiatanga and I’m voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator03 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

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Thanks for your unending support and motivation @njiatanga and @steemcurator03.

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