2020 & YOU : The Good, The Bad & The Testimony : @iamlynxie(100% Power Up).

My gratitude goes to God for life and good health, to @Steemalive I say thank you for organizing this great contest that is going to take us down memory lane. 2020 consist of events of the good, the bad and the ugly to the entire world so pay attention to how it went down with me.

2020 AND YOU

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2020 & Me

I believe everybody got into the year 2000 with Great Expectations and for some it actually started well with their Expectations still burning strong. AT the beginning of the year in January I had already lost my business money due to my ATM card and SIM card that I misplaced while en route my family house. I use to sell ladies accessories then and it was quite painful that these happened to me just when I was beginning to enjoy the importation and digital marketing training I learn in October which is 2 months before this sad event. I quickly moved on because I rarely let sad events hold me back so I started working in a network marketing company called Century21 Freedom Group (c21fg).

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Network Marketing

My experience at century 21 freedom group was superb because I got one of the best mentorship class ever. I felt I was meant for me to be in the network marketing company that's why I had the previous sad event. I was beginning to understand the basics of network marketing and started travelling interstate while waiting for our big trip to the Philippines.



The great Covid19 visited the world and it was like a joke when it came. It was even more hilarious how Nigerians took it for a joke. I remember my colleagues laughing at me whenever I go to the office with my facial mask as preventive measures.

My network marketing work was already been fun at that time till my office announced shutdown for just 2 weeks. It actually was a Nationwide order. Due to the shutdown I had to leave my personal house to my family house to stay safe. The 2 weeks shutdown was now extended to two more weeks and that was how it continue being extended.

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Smart Contract

Shortly before the shutdown in late March, I had paid money to involve in an online business that has to do with Ethereum Smart Contract. Little did I know that God pushed me to do that business because the smart contract paid off even when the covid19 pandemic was on and while people were complaining about lack of money and food. These was a plus.

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Yemi Blaq & Myself In BOYCOTT The Movie

Time passed into the month of May and we were supposed to premiere a movie I casted in. I casted as a Policeman and the movie was meant to be a Cinema movie. The movie is produced by ‘’Green Neighborhood Films’’ based in Port Harcourt and the movie is titled ‘’Boycott’’. BOYCOTT is about the insurgency in Nigeria and features the likes of Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD), Yemi Blaq and other starts. To this very moment as we speak, the movie is yet to be premiered.

In the same may, my house rent expired and I did not renew it because I never had enough to renew. I could have actually gotten or smaller apartment but I decided to keep staying with my family just for the period of time and see what the situation of the country would be like.


Around June I lost one of my 15yrs old cousin to a cold blooded murderer in Port Harcourt, she was stabbed to death by an angry boy whom she confronted for little misunderstanding of 100naira. Till this very moment the police has been treating this issue with less concern and it is very painful. No amount of Justice served can actually bring her back to life so may her soul rest in peace.


While doing more reseaches online, I started coming across more online businesses which I invested in some and let some go. I had the challenges of recruiting people because the pandemic had affected people's financial life in a very bad way. It was during this pandemic period that I also will decided to set up my online office on digital marketing and started promoting my business. Sometime in September I stumbled on steemit from our much esteemed user @sambee. Yes it has and always until this moment been a great experience on the steemit ecosystem.

Sometime last month in October when the Peaceful protest started about endsars and endpolicebrutality, it was a peaceful one till the government had to disrupt it with their political thugs. They also took laws into their hands and claimed the life of Innocent citizens during the peaceful protest. This happened in several parts of the country but the worst one happened in Lagos on the 20th of October 2020. Here in Abuja I'm happy that I didn't lost anyone though two of my friends really had very bad injuries because of the attack.


I believe in the process of the Peaceful protest and I also believe in the youth of Nigeria. I know we are awake now and will do the right thing when the time comes.

My lovely Steemians, this is just about my experience in 2020;

  • I lost my network marketing job.
  • Lost my business money to smart thieves
  • Lost my 15 year old cousin to death
  • Postponed the movie premiere of our long-awaited movie ‘’BOYCOTT’’
  • Discovered and partook in different online businesses and opportunities
  • I wasn't able to renew my rent of my previous house.

Despite all odds;

  • I learnt how to use & save money better
  • I got closer to God
  • I learn new online skills
  • I am alive and healthy
  • I am steeming on the steemit platform and learning everyday with love from my @steemalive family.
  • I am thankful that i was able to share these in good health.


Thanks for you time in reading through my entry on these contest, thank you @steemitblog, @steemcurator01, and @shortsegments and for your continued support and @steemalive for the contest. I can't forget to say thanks to @focusnow, na you be OGA oh.

Warm Regards,



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Comments 15

This is really a touching post and I couldn't hold back the tears on what guy experienced this year. Starting from the start of the year dine to this moment it's been a hard one.

I can't imagine the pains of losing a business you work hard to establish and a very young cousin, you really are a string person and I am encouraged by your experience.

Steemit is a platform that can help you heal with the awesome people here and the rewards for blogging. I wish you stay active and engaging, you time won't be in vain.

Also our friend @boss75 has a live contest for all the football fans you can check the post out here1, link2

12.11.2020 11:48

Thanks for the encouragement @whitestallion, truth is before i was born till when I was born and the very moment crazy experiences keeps happening to different people in different forms.

We just have to rise up whenever we fall down.

I love soccer but from a distance but since you took out time to consider referring those to me, I would see to that. Thanks once more.

twopercent #nigeria.

12.11.2020 16:12

Hi @iamlynxie the year has been a turbulent one.However,God remains the reason why you didn't loose everything.

I hope justice is served to your deceased cousin.Such is life.
I wish you will get more than you have lost within this few months of the year.


12.11.2020 12:55

Is great to spake well,best in the year i ahead of us,together will must be in the top,i hope all is well,

12.11.2020 14:00

So faithful to know what will must no the house,great in us t

12.11.2020 14:03

Yes in God I trust, he alone knows it all and not we humans. Thanks for the concern @samuel20.

I wish you great and successful years ahead.

twopercent #nigeria

12.11.2020 16:15

So sorry about your loss dear @iamlynxie. 2020 has really impacted both negatively and positively as well. But in all, we are still alive and healthy and by the grace of God, all that we have lost will be regained so long as there is life

twopercent #nigeria

12.11.2020 14:40

Thank you @ngoenyi, I take every experience as a source of learning something.

Were there is Life,
There is Hope.

twopercent #nigeria

12.11.2020 16:19

haaaa!! What a loss to start the year with.
The year hasn't run off, so I hope there is more to attain @iamlynxie

12.11.2020 15:24

Thanks for your concern @fluzzy, we would all attain more of Gods blessings soon amd always.

twopercent #nigeria

12.11.2020 16:21
12.11.2020 16:37

I really felt bad to read about the demise of your cousin. May her soul rest in peace. The lackadaisical attitude of our police force towards a crime is one of the many reasons why the protest ensued.

But regardleas what has happened, we thank God for life and we pray that the soul of the departed rest in peace.

Tha k you for sharing

12.11.2020 15:53

Yes bro, he who has life has a good reason to live and be thankful. I hope the security situation of the country gets better in no due time.

twopercent #nigeria

12.11.2020 16:24

Your experiences with 2020 has been one with bumps ...sorry about your losses especially that of your cousin, it really hurts. I can imagine.

But not to worry, there will soon be a time when all these things will be past. When tears nor sorrow not outcry will be anymore, then these things will have passed away m keep looking on the bright side💙


12.11.2020 16:09

Thanks @mesonia, just tried to make the best of the situation.

Sunrise is by the corner for us all, soon the dawn fades off.

twopercent #nigeria

12.11.2020 16:40