A joyful evening after a while


After more than 3 months, my son has finally gone outside. My wife and I were excited and anxious. We didn't know where to go. My wife and I argued for a while. Then my wife told me about this place. It's a nice place. The place has open field not long but enough for my 3-year-old boy to play and greenery and trees. I could not ask for more...



The last day was the weekend so I went outside with my family. There are people on the roads. We didn't expect that many people on the road. We were really tensed to see so many people outside. But we took a Rickshaw and went to visit a private university campus. The university was closed. Very few people were there. On the way, we see the beautiful sky, greenery, small river, pond, flowers. The weather was very favorable. The sky was a cloudy and cold gentle breeze. It is the season of mangos. Different types of mangoes have come out in the market. People are buying them.



When we reached the campus we feel so relieved. Only very few people have come. 2/3 shops were open. My 3 years son who could not go outside for the last 3motnths was really excited. I and my wife were very happy to see my son's reactions to nature. In Dhaka, you will see an open field hardly. When my son got the open field he was running around it. He asked hundreds of questions about the grass, soil, water around the place.

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I can't remember when I saw the flower in the field last time. I really enjoyed the evening. I wish I could go there often but due to the outbreak, it's not possible otherwise my son would be very happy.



Let's hope everything will back to normal very soon.

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Thanks for reading.
I hope you liked my writing. Take care. Stay Safe.

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