How I Changed History! (Wait, What Did You Say?)

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I've become super busy that I often don't think of the enormity of what it is that's been given to me. I share frequently on social media what it means becoming a bond-servant and being called up by The Creator God. (chosen) Matthew 22:14

I've shared content on our walks and the many lessons and insights given through the books I've already published. I've been candid about the pain and suffering I've endured in order to bring this message to life too. Matthew 5:11

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What I don't often write about is who and what this makes me.

Again, I suppose the idea I could be who I AM frightens some. (especially the ones not living right by God) Then there's the very religious folks who have trouble with God doing anything beyond their understanding. (like He has to spell it out for us before He does something miraculous) Deuteronomy 29:29

I remember my ex wife telling the Corrupt Williamson County AG judge, as they were getting into agreement to imprison me over a debt they created immorally and unjustly. I recall her saying "judge he thinks he's the next son of God" as they both laughed and mocked me.

I tried explaining but without having all the details its easy to dismiss something as extraordinary as this. I ask you though, Aren't we all called to follow Jesus? Aren't we suppose to be obedient to The Lord following God's command? Aren't we all suppose to forgive one another our trespasses as Father God forgives us? (Thanks to Jesus) Romans 3:25 & Ephesians 1:7

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Thinking about how we celebrated saints day worldwide last week. (no I'm not Catholic) They say in order for one to be recognized as a saint they must have an exceptional degree of holiness or the likeness or closeness to God. That they must have evidence of their commitment and deeds as well as witnesses and accounts of their actions.

I remember who I was before this happened, then God blessed me He made me Holy. He filled me with His Holy Spirit and we started doing miracles. (not just one or two or three), but a whole variety of incredible things the worlds never seen.

My friends I bless you in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. For you all bare witness of The Power of The Holy Trinity. Our Father in Heaven saved my life with a perfect sacrifice from Jesus Christ. Because of His atonement I was forgiven of my trespasses then blessed beyond measure and have since become a part of His-Story in the process. Ephesians 4:13


God gives the most amazing gifts, the greatest is love. For He loves us so much He would save us from death and bless us with an eternal life. If you have ears let them hear. I'm sharing this because I want for you to know how to get the sort of things we're revealing here, 1st you have to learn to stand upright and walk, 2nd you must lose yourself - "For whoever loses their life will find it." Matthew 10:39

Life is a journey, its all a gift. I hope you know how blessed you are to be here. Please don't throw it away on a few years of whatever. And, I don't care how right a person thinks they are, If you're not living right by God you're not living right at all.

The world has been made anew, change has come! We all must decide if its for the better or for the worse.

I pray you find your way home. Forever is a long time to give up on.
God is real, Jesus is The Savior, Heaven is Forever - Love is The Way.

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