(Re)Making His-Story! Painting Aswan

God truly blessed me here, He's changed His-Story. We went for a walk this one time, back to the start. On The Way back we stopped off in Ancient Egypt and while we were there we caused an earthquake, and broke The Temple.

This one event thus changed the past. We essentially put the world onto a new timeline and rewrote history. As far as I can tell this has never been done before. All evidence points to this event having significant effects on our history throughout the ages.

Pretty neat God would bless someone like who I was when I found Him. He told me that's what grace is about. He also taught me how to exercise faith with Him.

I create daily telling this story through various places, through our faith-based works. Visit my personal website, the site link is in the description. I've seen some pretty amazing things - people and places far beyond this world. I'm sure my point of views will broaden your understanding of creation. I mean it when I say I found God. I found Him up in heaven. He totally checked me. We’ve since become friends and He’s been hooking me up with an incredible life.

If you know you know, if not stay tuned as we reveal this extraordinary journey. Or if you’re interested you can pick up “Once Upon a Transcendent Realm” and “Eternus Spirare” and have a read for yourself. (buckle-up)

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