Every year...

Every year without fail, my aunt made us Christmas fruit cake with rum. Since I married my husband, I had the privilege to eat her Christmas cake and it had been 10 years. She is 78 years old and still strong.

Her Christmas fruit cake is one of the best, in my opinion. Generous with dried fruits and almond nuts, infused with rum, oh super delicious. Best to go with a cup of coffee.

She said she will stay healthy and strong and continue to make us cake every year. I told her, "Yes, God grants the desire of her heart." I am feeling totally blessed and grateful.

It had been a tough year for many people this year, while celebrating Christmas may be a wonderful time of the year for many, loaded with presents and food, it may not be wonderful for some, losing loved ones, or remember those who had passed away. My heartfelt to those who are suffering now during this time of the year. I hope wherever they are, I can send them a hug. ❤️

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23.12.2020 13:15