11.11 Sales

Question of the day!

During the recent 11.11 sales, was there any great 'damage' done to your wallet? Haha.

Let's be honest, if we are smart buyers, we can get pretty good deal which otherwise we could not find from shopping malls.

Alright, let me be the first to answer the question since I asked it myself.

I bought children's briefs, 24 cans of coffee for friend's birthday, MYOJO brand instant noodle because my husband loves it, TULIP brand luncheon meat because we all love it, washable mask for adults, washable masks for children.

After I calculated, I think those were good bargain. I always ask myself whether are those 'needs' or 'wants' before I purchase stuffs. I would add all I wish to buy in cart, looked through and think thoroughly, and those not so needed would be removed.

Second question, how is your buying style? Add and add alot into cart, check out all because you are rich? Or add and add but never buy because you just love to view the list? Add and add, then took time to think then to realise mostly sold out by then. Etc.


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