French Toast

How do you usually make your French Toast?

Recently, the boys are into French Toast for breakfast, and they love love love it. Last Saturday, while we went to visit our aunt, the boys told her about our French Toast. She asked me how did I cook it? This was what I told her...

Crack eggs into a plate, add sugar, whisked the eggs. Cut the slices of bread into smaller square, dipped into the egg mixture. The boys love it soaked, truly soaked with the egg-sugar mixture. Then on hot pan, melt some butter, pan fry the bread both sides. Voila! Done!

She told me don't need to add sugar at all, but add milk and some salt. I have never tried her version. My way of adding sugar is my family way, aunt's way is husband's side. I will try her recipe soon... =)

So, what is your version of French Toast?

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