Curry Laksa, yums!

With busy lifestyle, rushing this and that, almost like non-stop on-the-go, I really need to get the cravings satisfied. After busy prepping and cooking for the family, I actually went out and bought this for myself.

Curry laksa!!! =)

A must-have when the body is tired and not much appetite. The curry soup definitely will open up my appetite. This round, I added some 'yong tau foo' side dish since the stall also sold this. Businesses are not good. Once a while support them is a good gestures too. Besides, I get to eat a food I don't usually cook.

This bowl of curry laksa with rice vermicelli as my choice was really yummy! I felt so satisfied after that. Yummy in tummy, smile on my face 😍.

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Yummy I want to test that

11.11.2020 07:30

Yummy yummy

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