Ulog 59: Tasty Tuesday Veggie Mix

You gotto listen to your body when it called out for non-meat day. Today was the day most of us did not feel like eating meat. Not most of us, but my husband and I. The children had to eat what the mummy cooked.

Stir Fry Veggie Mix

I popped my head into the fridge and found not many types of vegetables. Only beans and carrots and cucumber. Plus potatoes on the dry shelf. So, I decided to stir fry the french beans, carrots and potatoes. How about the cucumbers? Why not just tossed them in? Well, I had to leave those cucumbers for the guinea pigs at my house, Larry and Momo, our new pets.


Trust me, this was super easy to cook. Stir fry and steaming are my favorite way of cooking. For this one, with some oil on the pan, stir fry the garlic and onions until fragrant before you added in the vegetables. With a dash of salt, one tablespoon of soy sauce, and some oyster sauce, the dish was done — extremely yummy especially when eat it with warm rice.

  • Preps Time : 10 minutes
  • Cooking Time : 20 minutes


  1. Garlic and Onions
  2. 1 carrot
  3. A handful of french beans
  4. 1 potato


  1. A dash of salt and pepper
  2. 1 Tablespoon soy sauce
  3. 1 Tablespoon oyster sauce
  4. A dash of sugar (optional)

Above picture will be my entry for Qurator's Tasty Tuesday #90

Thank You for reading😊


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28.08.2019 01:33

Thank you =)

29.08.2019 07:45

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28.08.2019 02:48

Thank you =)

29.08.2019 07:45

Looks healthy and tasty!

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28.08.2019 03:39

Yes. Feel healthy eating them too! =) thank you @vincy

29.08.2019 07:46

Every day is a non-meat day for me ~ And so I would love and be totally satisfied by this vegetable meal. I love that you have considered the colours too. ♥︎♥︎⚖️♥︎♥︎

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28.08.2019 12:52

Looks very easy to cook. I think I can do it.😊

28.08.2019 22:38

You sure can do it! =)

29.08.2019 07:46

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29.08.2019 06:34

Thank you so much @steemitbloggers aka PHC💖

29.08.2019 07:46

This looks so good, though I'd add some steamed broccoli! :) My craving for Chinese food has surged recently, and the pics of your dish and the thought of rice, veggies, (and for me, also some chicken or beef), gets my mouth watering!

29.08.2019 09:38

So going to try to make this and for the guys I can add meat and for our veggie daughter this is heaven !

29.08.2019 09:39

That's my kind of meal! 💚

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29.08.2019 10:34

It looks so yuum...

29.08.2019 10:46

That sure does look nice, I want some...

29.08.2019 11:34

Nice vegetable mix, love stir fry food, our dinner however would also have some form of meat or fish to go together with the dish @iamjadeline

29.08.2019 11:55

Budget-friendly, colorful, and easy to prepare! A trifecta of wins!!! This is awesome!


29.08.2019 12:08
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29.08.2019 12:09

Looks delicious and made with veggies already on hand.

29.08.2019 12:19

Sometimes it's good to just have a vegetable meal..
Good for the soul :)

29.08.2019 15:48

Looks delicious. I think most people eat way too much meat anyway and it is causing a big problem worldwide - the way animals are raised to fill the demand

29.08.2019 17:36


Looks wonderful. I imagined the rice and took a bite ... tastes wonderful as well. :-)


29.08.2019 18:20

A good entry and it looks yummy my friend.

29.08.2019 18:23

Well done what a good and healthy move by you. I would recommend it as often as possible.

29.08.2019 19:37

This looks delicious, plus it's the recipes I like the most, easy, fast and delicious!

29.08.2019 20:50

Sometimes it's the simple things that are the best. Looks wonderful @iamjadeline

30.08.2019 03:49

@iamjadeline - the veggie stir fry really turned out nicely. It looks delicious. And you're starting your kids out right by introducing them to all those healthy vegetables. I didn't know that guinea pigs liked cucumbers, lol.

30.08.2019 04:17

Stir fry is the only way I eat vegetables. 👍

30.08.2019 16:20

The hardest part for me on this type of cooking is knowing what sauce to use. I guess i need to just get some of Asian styled sauces and experiment.

31.08.2019 10:22

Sometimes some vegetables make a very good meal. !trdo

31.08.2019 16:06

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31.08.2019 16:07

Thank you!

31.08.2019 16:29