Sunday's Ulog


It used to be Sundays whereby I could sat down comfortably at church while listening to sermon and enjoying the whole session of worship. But now, a group of us mothers would be at the 1st floor where taking care and overseeing the children's funtime, playtime, creative time and lunchtime.

I looked around and I noticed tiredness in the eyes of all the parents, but still each and everyone of us still tried our best to smile and the glow in our eyes when we took care of the children told me we are passionate about what we are doing.


It is a joy. It is tiring, yes. But it is rewarding. We get to witness day in and day out, week in and week out, the growth of our children.

We learn from them as we teach them. They are indeed smart energetic little human beings, who can play and laugh whole day. They can share their thoughts whole day too!

Usually, after the church had ended, we were all exhausted while the children were still lively and active. Sunday is a special day when I did not need to cook. It is a 'yay' for me, haha.

Here, I show you a simple sushi for lunch which we bought at the nearby supermarket and went home to eat due to the hazy condition outside.


We loved this selection of varieties because it catered to everyone's tastebud and choices of sushi they liked.


It was our first time trying this, okonomiyski, recommended by my brother, and we super duper loved it.


Since we loved sandwich, so sushi sandwich is a must too!!! =)

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09.09.2019 00:21

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09.09.2019 01:04

Pardon my curiosity but is sushi made from rice?

09.09.2019 01:47

Oh yes, sushi is made from rice, with added some vinegar, salt and sugar. =)

12.09.2019 09:19

Parenthood is awesome, no matter how much sacrifice and adjust we have to make.

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09.09.2019 02:04

Yes, it is awesome! And super rewarding. =)

12.09.2019 09:20

Sunday is my fav day even if I don’t take the kids to my moms house to play.

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09.09.2019 03:35

Sunday looks like many moms' favourite day! =)

12.09.2019 09:20

Love that onigiri!

Namaste, JaiChai

09.09.2019 03:53

Thank you @jaichai.=)

12.09.2019 09:20

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09.09.2019 08:43

I'm sure that was a nice reward to get a little break from the kitchen! I think you are an amazing mama from what I can see. It is a lot of work, but I bet you will have a big influence on a lot of little ones, not just your own. 💚

09.09.2019 12:46

Thank you @plantstoplanks for always encouraging me with words. They are a boost to me to continue doing what I am doing. 🥰

12.09.2019 09:21


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09.09.2019 13:52

Thank you so much @steemitmamas ❤️

12.09.2019 09:22

Parenting is rewarding for sure. Just wait until your little ones are parents themselves. You will see the things you were successful and not so successful in doing with your children when they were young. It is so awesome to see the personality they have now and how it will show up when they are older. I have loved watching my three grow up; even though there are times it is hard. They are all three strong individuals that I see myself in clearly.

Thanks so much for sharing your life with us all. I do love hearing about it.

09.09.2019 15:50

I can tell I have alot to learn from you, Ren. Speaking from your experience,... I am waiting to see them grow and what they will become. And I know I will be proud of them. =)

Actually I am tired when replying this, and I hope my sentences make sense.

12.09.2019 09:24

With the kids, I would be tired too!

13.09.2019 14:52

Motherhood is exhausting for sure. Little children, lots of little problems. Big children, fewer problems but they are bigger problems. Then they are adults, and they do wondrous things. xo

09.09.2019 19:48

You are so right. Now I am handling little children with lots of little problem.. Haha.

12.09.2019 09:24