Aide-mémoire / Transparent Balloon or Bubble Thingy

I am attempting to pen this down, reliving my childhood memories. Living far away from my parents, I miss them day and night. Whenever I saw old couples walking around the street, I miss my parents. Anytime I saw one old aunty walking alone at wet market, I missed my mum. Another time I saw another old uncle eating alone by himself, I miss my dad. Thank God for technology, I can Whatsapp Video them anytime I want.

I used to play this blowing-bubble activity alot with them, together with my cousins as well. Good old times. As I get older, I noticed there were slot of times where I would reminisce my good old times spent with my mum and dad, siblings and cousins. And then, I found this bubble toy online, without hesitation, bought it! Because they are darn cheap. Like RM1!!! Believe it or not. Haha!

I spent some time with the boys to tell them about this simple blow-bubble activity at the same time reliving some good old memories of mine, now I pen it down here — aide-mémoire.


Have you played this before?

It comes in small tube like shown in the photos below.


And it comes with small plastic straw-like thing, for you to blow air into it. Let me more or less show you the steps (not many steps actually, just stick the thing at the stick and blow).

You have to squueze out a desirable amount (trial and error to get the correct size) and place it at the end of the stick, make it like match stick.


Some skills are needed so that as you squeeze out the jellyglue-like material, you want to trap as less to zero air bubbles as possible, else when you blow it, it will fail to form into a transparent bubble-balloon.

My eldest son attempted few times, and it was his fifth time to get it. Almost gave up as a human being living in this fast-gratification world haha. I told him if he gave up he would not enjoy the process. Taught him patience as well as he mastered the skill.

After few trial and error...

Finally, he successfully blew it. Yayyyy!!!!


Still mesmerised by this 'toy'/'game'.

Don't know what to call it, it is like blowing bubble and balloon in between. Haha. The end result, is super soft and fragile balloon yet bubbly. Lol...

When I was young, we just called it "let's play blowblow" lol...

I super love this expression of my youngest. Haha.


What is your childhood game?


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I used to play with that balloon as well! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

28.11.2019 10:57

So cute!

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28.11.2019 11:00

Hey! This is very nice toy! Would love to play too!

Enjoy precious moments everyday!

28.11.2019 11:57


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28.11.2019 13:34

I played with those too when I was a kid...
The test is to blow as big as possible without it loosing air inside :)
Some even combine many balloons together and see how big it can be

28.11.2019 15:09

Some of those images are really good. Memories, we all have them, though sometimes it's hard to recall the ones we really want to remember, for me anyway...

28.11.2019 15:38

I remember this! For us, it was called, Super Elastic Bubble Plastic (and as I was typing out the name, I can hear the announcer from the commercial echoing in my

Awesome idea to put down these memories, especially when you're missing your folks. And it's so cool you can share some of these childhood toys/games with your boys. Best wishes to you and your family!

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It’s so nice that you can visit down memory lane with your sons as you teach them about the toys you used to play with. This is pretty cool and the first I’ve heard of them. Now I want to look this up online to get for my kiddos! 😄

Love the photos and the expressions on their faces!

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