Flying high, skydive in Dubai!!!

(Skydive Oct 25, 2019)

This is "THE" highlight in the year 2019 for me, the skydive! :p

When u hear skydive, you will think of it as scary, fear, Or even death

Its the very opposite of what my perception when i hear Skydive... I believe its all fun, adventure, daredevil, unbelievable, bliss.... oh! positive list goes on.
Im wondering why i really didnt feel any nervousness, no fear at all before doing the skydive. I honestly felt ecstacy! Cant wait to know the feeling of how’s it like to be jumping off the plane up there, 13,000 ft

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 12.55.45 PM.png

Finally, i made it! It was an insane feeling! I was flying, not feeling of falling down or something frightening. I was floating... I was once a supergirl!

hahhah... I reallly loved it! Also, one of the best part is seeing the view from up there while gliding for 10-15min was so Ah-mazing! Ugh! So nice!
I dont know now whats next to do or how to top that feeling

Ive learned that my skydive tandem have been doing this for more than 1000 times, they’re very pro, ok guys! Go dive on the air!

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