Achievement 2 @iam1entity Task: Basic Security on Steem

Steemit actually made a very smart move by incorporating the different keys and the more I studied them, the more I learnt to appreciate their works and dedication into making the platform more secure for it users.

And the below questions made everything very assuring and engaging.

Question 1
“Have you retrieved all your keys?”
Yes i have, my first step was to login to my wallet with my master key and click on “Keys and Permissions” and i retrieved them as shown on the image bellow.


Question 2
“Do you know each of these key functions and restrictions?”
Yes I do and they are as follows

A. Posting key:
1) Used for logging into social networks like steemit and esteem.
2) Used for performing social actions like posting and commenting.

B. Active key:
1) Used for money transfers and other money related actions.

C. Owner key:
1) Used to recover stolen accounts
2) Used to recover other keys

Nb: 1. I personally call it, “The Factory Key” because It is used to recover stolen accounts and has a reset function to other keys.

  1. It is the most important key.

D. Memo key:
1) Used to decrypt private messages.

E. Public keys:
1) Used to only look up transactions and are not required for logins.

Question 3
“How do you plan to keep your master password?”
a) I stored them on my cloud server and I also.
b) printed them out and stored them in my secret safe and a safe flash drive.

Question 4
“Do you know how to transfer your Steem token to another Steem user account?”
Yes I do...
a) Login to your “steemit platform”
b) Click on your “profile”
c) Click on “wallet”


d) Click on your “Steem balance”


e) Click on “transfer”


f) Fill in the required spaces and then click “next”

Question 5
“Do you know how to power up your STEEM?”
Yes I do;
a) Click on your profile
b) Go to “Wallet”
c) Click on “Steem balance”
d) Click on “power up”


e) Put in the amount of your choice and click on “power up”


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