Midnight's thought


Have you ever been in a circle of friends that you felt like you were never part of it?
Have you've been felt having almost everything but feeling empty inside? how about..in a place where you feel at lost? in a home where you felt being used? in a relationship where you're being unloved. OR forcing something which is really not meant to be?

Midnight thoughts always killing me. My mind wanders so does my emotions. I guess it is the saddest time of my 24 hrs before doozing to sleep. I am always outburst and overwhelmed on things where I'm at. This time gives me chills and anxiety maybe due to the winter breeze. Indeed, cold season is the saddest one of the four. Seemingly, I expected it was the best. Apparently, I started to think about my existence. Am I really existed for something? Am I fated to be someone or what am I made for? So much questions maybe I'm turning crazy as of this hour. Well, I guess I am not the only one wondering about these to themselves nor thinking about their existence or their fate might be.

I just couldn't sleep. So I came up writing and blogging these none sense things.

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