Mixing vocals: Double stacked compressors

Hi everybody,
I know that when you come to mix vocals, every single tip can be well accepted.
Nowadays, in any genre, the voice must be perfect.... Every single word needs to be as strong as the others. We're used not to hear real voices, but well modelled vocals.
In order to achieve that full sound you wanna reach, compressors are your best friends.

Here is the tip, according to Graham by Recording Revolution: one compressor, then put a second compressor on it.
You can set the first one at -3db and the second one at -6.
The second compressor is dedicated to model the vocals, so you can choose a good analog sim vst and build your sound.

Here' s the video where he explains this concept:

I hope this tip can be useful in your productions too.

Have fun and don't forget: there's always a lot of new music to do 😀😀😀

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31.08.2019 16:03