When faith in the 'system' doesn't make sense.

Having faith in the system is something we are all thought to do. We are admonished to believe in the system because the system can never be wrong.

The system is the alpha and it is supposed to be correct and through that social cognitive engineering that is done through societal push and one that is most enhanced by our parents, we stop thinking for ourselves and allow the 'system' take front seats in our head and frame of mind.

Growing up is hacked.

Growing up is supposed to be about the individual learning to choose between what he wants and what he needs or what he can get or not get through certain acts and pursuit.
When you are socially engineered to follow the system and not ask questions, you just got programmed to do nothing about your life and you may end up living your best moments in oblivion.

Like programmed fools, we are told the importance of allowing our mind being run by someone else other than ourselves . There is actually a class we attend when we are at our earliest form in life and that class comes with series of twisted orientation that takes us away from self.

We get told about the food we should eat, the sexual orientation that is 'cool', the friends we should make, the music we should listen to, the movies we should watch, the way we should chew when we eat, the position our heads should be at when we walk, seat or think, the race we should love or hate, the mindset we should have when we are happy and when we are sad and most of all, we are thrust into a religious field we may or may not want to be associated with.

If only we are allowed to choose what we really want and how we really want to think, most of us would have been way off better than where we currently are.

No one is anyone anymore.

As far as I know, we are not who we think we are or know what we think we know. It is like we have all been told to do what the master wants only to never living our lives for what it truly is.
I hate the 'system' that tells me what is right and what is wrong because, the things I have always thought as the best just seem to be what is being celebrated and right for the world.

I wish i can go back to that first class I was ever i as a child and then spit my cereals in the face of that person programming me to be stupid to self but smart to the system.

Never again.

I don't want to make the world mindless anymore than it is right now and will try my best to make sure I do not have more socially engineered individuals to the world pool of fools.

Grow as you please, read for yourself, learn the words as you see them and let no one make you see the world less of what it truly is. You are yourself more than what they see and if you understand that there is "no" more to do, you will understand that you haven't really started living your life by yourself.

I loose faith in the system every minute and just wish it is not so!


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