Max Taylor is back to United after protracted battle with cancer.

Max Taylor is alive and well after a 13 month protracted battle with cancer. t88v2urqjq.jpg

The Manchester United U23 defender was last seen on the field of play 13 months ago and is now back up again after winning the fight over cancer.

This is just inspirational to see the 23-year-old back on his feet after a hard battle with Cancer. He survived it and I am sure that is something that will inspire many others out there with the same condition. It is also hoped that, he can get back to playing competitively and also scoring goals.
I have to give it to the medical innovations these days that makes it easy for many to beat that dreaded disease.
Now, the young lad can live his life and do well in his chosen profession.
This is wishing him more feats and a healthy life.

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We wish him a healthy life. Happy to hear this good news, thanks for sharing!

25.10.2019 07:06