Meek Mill delivers another basketball court to his neighborhood.

East Philly rapper, Meek Mill has delivered yet another refurbished basketball court to his old neighborhood.
The rapper who took to philanthropy after being released from prison is dedicated to making life easy for young people in his old neighborhood so they stay away from drugs and other vices. His goal is to bring his hometown together and help the youths become popular in doing great things.
The court is already a home to kids and adults alike who frequent it to put up shots, play games and just hang out out.

The East Philly rapper was on-hand Saturday for the unveiling of the renovated court which was done by the rapper in conjunction with several different organizations to provide a recreational center for kids and residents who frequent East Fairmount Park, which is right next to Meek's stomping grounds in North Philadelphia.

My Thoughts.

Mills has been doing whatever he can to make sure he doesn't return to prison after his last incarceration and so far, dude is doing some good works.
I think the era of having a long list of prison sentences in a bid to boost credibility is gone, more rappers are now embracing humanitarian ventures.

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