THE DIARY GAME 29-30/O4/2021

Two days passed like 2hours indeed it's always so tediouse to be home . Finally i am in edea ... Alot of work fills my agenda and so makes it a little frustrating since I can get time for myself.
My little ones Elisabeth , Blaise nicyare all over me no breathing space hahaha but it's all joy in the air you know.
Mu and dad are blessings their wedding on Saturday next week ... This makes the atmosphere in the house very 😉ful .
My mum looks younger and my dad looks more 😂.
Well the bad part about it is that I get to do alot of work .. repairs , maintainance , and so on .
Errands are multiplying so fast I can get to seat down at this rate am going to loss my breath😣.
But the sense of excitement keeps me going.
It sartuday today and I am kindda having a little breather so I have time to do the diary game .
Yesterday looked very good alot of drinks , visitors , close relatives and so on , all noisy but the kind of noise that excites you .
I woke up early with alot of chores and basically worked till 7pm ... I took a rest . Had my online french Lessons for the evening and I slept off. I can't wait for sartuday and this sense leaves me with a sense of unrest and seems it will be so till the date comes to past
Dear steemians I leave you with a lot of joy and till next diary game episode from me it's alot of love for you guys as my wish.

Thank you

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Your mum looks younger, your dad looks more

Does it mean your dad is younger than your mum?

01.05.2021 10:27

he looks more vibrant and energetic like someone who is revitalised

01.05.2021 11:30

The hanging all over you is the joy of family and at thesame time feeling the presence of your absence😂
You mum looks younger and your dad more.... guess he is looking too handsome😂😂

It’s fun to be around family the work and errands are just what makes your presence felt
How effort to you work and don’t drink too much 😂😂

01.05.2021 11:40

You are having a good time there . Come back with food and drinks from the wedding

01.05.2021 15:33