WEEKLY CONTEST WEEK 7 - Poetry Game// Love's Surrender

"Love's Surrender"

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My spirit and soul I must always protect
When around negative energy it's what I project
I refuse to continue to reflect off others negativity
Even if I have to pull myself away and remove my energy
I only want to bring the good out in you
Show the best parts of your truth
Underneath the layers of hurt and pain
Guilt and shame
The feeling of never being the same
But remember we all fall but all rise again
Our strength will always remain in tack
Especially when you realize the Creator always had our back
Even when we fall short or slack
He will keep us in tact
My passion ignite
I will no longer resist nor fight
Whether wrong or right
I just know that I love the fuck out of you
And realize in love there are no rules
I simply surrender myself
Except the cards I've been delt
As long as we are on this journey together these feelings I feel now have never been felt
I surrender to lovesrc
©️Lovely 2021

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