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Hello Newcomers Community and Follow Steemians?
It is a great pleasure 😊 to meet you all.

My Personal Information
My name is Ikoro Chukwuemeka Ajike, I was born on the 14 of July 1996 so by implication I am 25 years old.

I am a citizen of #Nigeria, and I have lived in #nigeria all my life but I am fully hoping that I will explore other parts of this world soon because, I am the type that loves traveling 😍, out of the 36 states in Nigeria, I have traveled to 15 states.

Educational and Social life
I have attended several level of education though I still have a long way to go but presently I am a final year student of Akanu Ibiam Federal Polytechnic Unwana in the department of Hospitality Management and Tourism below are some of my pictures doing practical in my department.
Kneading a dough for Chelsea buns.


My Experience With Crypto
I have not really have much experience on crypto but I have had passion for it long ago.

Hobby, Passion & Dislikes
Due to the department I find myself in school cook have superseded all other hobby I have.

I have passion in anything that makes me rich.

I dislike lies.

Other Informations
Being a Steemit member I would love to see post that motivates me in my hobby, educational posts and anything that can entertain me.

Having written some on some blog sites I would love ❤️ to create and share anything that catches or attracts readers attention.

My Journey On Steemit
I overheard my brother @guruchudy talking about this great site #steemit with his friend so I picked some knowledge and browsed more about the site.

Being a member of Steemit and a passionate person, I promise to do anything that will make this great platform accomplish it's #missions and #goals

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@i-am-the-best Welcome to Steemit Community!

For a great start! We would like to invite you to join Newcomers Community. There is a program where you will go through a series of achievements and completing some tasks so you get to learn more about this great platform. For a start, please check out this post by @cryptokannon: Newcomers Achievement Program.

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19.03.2021 17:14

Welcome again! Sorry that we missed your post for the 5th time. I will make sure we won't missed it this time around.

Being a member of Steemit and a passionate person, I promise to do anything that will make this great platform accomplish it's #missions and #goals

Do you have twitter account? Please follow me there and follow steemit account too and retweet/likes/comment something nice on our tweet about steem or trx. I planned to gather steemit user on twitter and being active promoting steemit platform on twitter so people coming in and investors want to buy more steem looking at how active the community are.

22.03.2021 15:24

Okay thanks.

24.03.2021 15:20

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22.03.2021 15:25

Thanks @steemcurator03, #crytokannon. I highly appreciate your effort in this great platform. I will do my very best, I believe in together every one achieves much.

24.03.2021 17:31