The Diary Game Season 3: Betterlife// My Night Food Today 1st April, 2021 //By @i-am-the-best (100% Power Up)

Hi fellow steemians!! Hope you had a special day?
Special greetings to the leaders of this community #steemalive for giving us opportunity to share our daily encounter.

My diary
The soul aim of this diary is to show you my delicious night meal but I will start by briefing you about my day!
Like every other day, I woke up by 3:30am, prayed, and got my self busy with my phone till 6:30am when I started doing some house chores, after which I took my breakfast.

As a student, I am done with my exams so I had no place to go so I kept my self busy at home with my project till around 2:00pm when I took my lunch. Then I took a stroll to my friends house and spent some time with him the when I came back in the night around 8:15pm then I made this special dinner for my self.

This is the summary of my day! You are free to come and join in the meal if you wish.

Thanks for your

Special greetings;

Written by: #i-am-the-best

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Enjoy, it is easy to finish exams successfully.

02.04.2021 07:34

Kai local man like myself...lols
I can't remember the last time I ate that combination and now you're making me crave for it,I hope you've not finished it..

02.04.2021 07:51

Hahaha, bro better days ahead!!

02.04.2021 14:51

Hahaha, bro better days ahead!

02.04.2021 14:52

Hello @i-am - the best.
It's a nice diary attempt but sincerely, this is not how to write diary.
The diary of your day is the diary of your day. There is a reason it is called diary. So do well to write about your full day but this doesn't mean you have to cover every activity of the day. At least, 70% will be cool. Use a special activity as part of the topic and that will be cool.

02.04.2021 08:27

@tmighty thanks alot for the correction, but I mentioned some other activities of the day, but the day was really bored so the was nothing much.

02.04.2021 14:51

Hello! Yeah, I saw that you highlighted some of your activities. You can expand those activities, like expanciate. If you keep on writing this way, you wont get good votes. The curators ate after good contents. They don't vote anyhow. Just take note.

03.04.2021 03:37

Thank you sir @tmigty I really appreciate this mentorship, and I promise to do better in my next post.

03.04.2021 04:31

If you keep taking to corrections, you will go far

03.04.2021 08:10