Contest: Tell me what you want to learn?

Hi steemians, I really appreciate this opportunity given to us to express what we Wish to learn. Because most of us have hidden talents needed to be explored some have these skill/talents which they are already exploring in their little way and praying to get support, destiny helpers to help them reach their goal.
While some admire knowledge which they wish to explore, but haven't seen the opportunity to do so.

Well I think I fall in the group of having the talent and exploring it in my little way.

The topic/Skill I want to learn
Since my tender age I have admire being a pianist. I notice I loved this skill when I was still a child, when we go to church I always like seating close to the pianist, and I hardly take my eyes off him.

Lucky enough to me, my dad has one(keyboard) in his bedroom then as a kid I turned it to my toy 😂 when ever I find myself at home I will sneak to his room but unlucky, it needed battery to function, I begged my dad till ages to get the battery for me but he kept promising that he will do it when I grow up to the age I can use it, that is how I kept playing with the keyboard till I spoilt it. Now that I am of age I think I need more.

Why i want to learn more about this skill.
I love this not just because of the passion I have for it but also because I enjoy worshipping God with it.

The second reason why I love to learn this skill is because it irritates me when I see someone doing it wrongly or when the are In searched of someone to play it in church, it makes me look like a liability.

Finally I am a lover of music.

What are you currently doing to make this happen?
I am doing my possible best to make sure I learn this skill. I even went to the extent of buy a learner's keyboard which I ended up selling last month because it is not serving me well again, so I am anticipating to buy new one very soon by the grace of God.

God's willing, I am performing well. Below is my picture playing the piano in church some Sundays ago!!


By @i-am-the-best.

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It is beautiful that you want to play the piano to worship God. We have many talents and qualities and with them we can also serve God and others. I congratulate you on your good wishes and hope you can find a good piano to play.

Thanks for your participation. I wish you can achieve your goals.

08.04.2021 20:52

@inspiracion Thanks alot.

09.04.2021 07:01