Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


Captain of Flying Dutchman

Many people only remember his octopus head
He said Life is cruel.

He used to be a man and fell in love with a woman he shouldn't love. He fell in love with the sea, a woman as changeable as the sea, Calypso.

Once on shore, ten years at sea.

Ten years later, however, Calypso was not there. Calypso betrayed Davy Jones.

So he stopped doing the task Calypso gave him


He betrayed Calypso, too. He told Brethren Court how to seal her

He became so cruel, but when he played the melody of the music box, his face was filled with sadness and tears.

Similarly, when Jack Sparrow mentioned that Will Turner was in love, Jones's face was so sad.

He loved her, but he became cruel because of her betrayal

Jones found her and sealed her in the mortal body when she decided to release her seal. Jones meant to kill Calypso


He questioned her betrayal, but there was no result. He asked how she would treat Brethree Court when she was free, and she said she would vent all her cruelty on the Brethree Court members who imprisoned her-but she didn't know that it was the man in front of her who betrayed her.

She said that when she is free, she will give her heart and stay with Jones forever

Jones gave up his intention to kill her

Calypso asked Jones, what about your fate?


Jones replied, my heart will always be here to you.

That kind of tone, has never been so warm.

In the final battle, Calypso was finally released, but before her seal was lifted, she knew that Davy Jones had betrayed herself.

She gave up her intention to put her anger in Brethree Court, and instead remained neutral between Brethree Court and Davy Jones. However, the heavy rain when Black Pearl fought with the flying Dutchman may be her tears.


At the last moment, Jack took Will's hand and stabbed Davy Jones in the heart with the broken sword.

He looked at the sky, watched the pouring rain, murmured the name of Calypso, and fell into the abyss

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