BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE. CONTEST BY @vvarishayy. GOD'S PLAN by @huzaifanaveed1

June 16th 2016. One of the best and or one of the worst days of my life.

Enroute makkah, my mom dad, my younger brother and I. It was a peaceful day, the sun was scorching over our car but we couldn't be happier.

I was talking to my dad on some topic and in flow of the conversation I subconsciously said to my father. Baba ye kya aap har week utha ke Umrah karane le jaate hain. Kabhi Turkey Dubai wageira bhi le jayen. Thak gaya hun men Umrah kar kar ke

I wish the earth would've split open the clouds would've wailed, the mountains would've torn apart if I had known what this small sentence would do to me in coming future.

In December 2016 I came back to Pakistan. Now before moving any further I'll mention it. My father is in Saudi and it was our routine to regularly visit Saudi and perform umrah.
Now in Dec'16 my mama and my brother went back to Saudi. In Feb'2017 my other brothers went to Saudi and I was alone in Pakistan living with my uncle Now I didn't pay much heed to this situation as I was busy in my exams and other stuff. In August 2017 I asked my father to call me back to Saudi.
He applied for my visa it got rejected without any particular reason. I blamed it on my luck and moved forward.

Fast forward Feb'18 my whole family was going once again to Saudi. (I have 5 brothers including me)
They all got their family visa and guess who didn't? Me. I, once again didn't get a visa. I, once again, didn't regard it as a big deal and moved on

June'18. My father applied once again for my visa it got rejected as i had turned 18 in may and it was Saudia's policy that no person above 18 would get a family visa. It was getting suspicious now. I couldn't understand and once again I blamed it on the policy and moved on.

This continued for 4 years. Would you believe it? 4 years. I'm crying right now writing this. Ab tak idea hogaya tha mijhe ye kyun horaha hai mere saath and I felt so guilty, I didn't even know what to do except for crying in my prayers.


My father being persistent, he applied for the visa again and it got accepted. My visa finally after 4 years got accepted.
I booked a ticket it was on 8th may. I couldn't be happier. I flaunted my ticket in pride to everyone and I was head over heels.
Allah showed me. Who's in control over all of this. He showed me my worth once again. Covid-19 outbreak took place. A global pandemic. A Chaos. A complete riot. I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't take it anymore. My ticket got cancelled and a complete lockdown took place all over the world.
Mecca and Medina were closed down. No international flights, nothing.
I was distraught. I couldn't even cry. Loss for words.
This time I didn't blame it on anyone. I knew everything that happens, happens for a reason. I accepted it and believed in Allah.

One fine morning of November 2020 I got a call from my father and he said huzaifa saudia aana hai? I had my final exams in January. But I said yes. Without a second doubt I said YES

Things took place in a blink of an eye,
My visa git accepted, i got a ticket of 7th December.
I reached Saudi on 7th December 2020. Now the story doesn't end here.

After reaching Saudi, the day I reached, would you believe it, the day I reached another lock down got imposed. There was an announcement that only those people would be allowed to perform Umrah who'll get permission through the government on an app called 'tawakkal' and only those could apply who own an 'aqama'. Aqama is like the NIC of saudia. At this point I could have only laughed at my fate, but I believed in Allah.


On 28th December my father contacted a person who was in government of Saudi. He took the last leap of faith.
The next day that person called us and informed that we've got permission. We have to perform umrah on 30th December between 12 pm to 3 pm.
Wo moment, that exact moment I cant describe in words. Makkah is an 18 hour drive from our city. We packed our bags at that very moment and departed for makkah.
Once finally reaching the haram, we showed the guards our permission form and entered the haram. I can feel my heartbeat rising at this very moment, imagine what was I feeling there.
I entered the haram from 'baab e fahad'
Closed my eyes, took a deep breath and opened my eyes.
There stood THE HOLY KABAAH 20 ft tall, black in color, in front of my.
I couldn't control myself and cried like a baby. A literal baby. Had I been allowed to hug the kabaah I WOULDN'T HAVE LEFT IT FOR AN ETERNITY. We performed Umrah, prayed our salah and also did ziarat of makkah and medina.
Everything was going in my way. Allah itna mehrbaan tha. HE was soo gracious that in my entire childhood I spent in makkah, I had never seen rainfall in makkah. But This time, the clouds thundered upon me and it rained. If there were a heaven on earth I believe it was that place at that time.







i further nominate

to take part in this contest

So this was the best moment of my life and the moment I will never ever forget. I wasn't able to take many pictures there but the feelings I had there, i don't think any pictures would do justice to them.

Thank you @vvarishayy for this amazing Contest and for making me emotional once again. Gotta wipe my tears before puy entry xD


God bl1]

God bless you


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ALLAH o AKBAR, I have actually no words, what to say,
but yess learnt from it. thanks bro for giving a lesson.

and that KABBA scene, It just gave me goosebumps, and can relate to you here.

right now getting emotional while reading your post, or dill kar raha hai k urr k chalay jaon.

23.04.2021 21:13

ikr. It was just so emotional for me

24.04.2021 00:31

Very nice and heart touching post. Stay blessed 😊

24.04.2021 12:14

you too. Jazaqallah

24.04.2021 19:30

This post made me emotional and it's best tbh. Indeed we should think before we speak.
May Allah bless you.

24.04.2021 17:27


24.04.2021 19:30