Gourmet DIY~ Purple Potato Muffin Tower

he usual practice of muffins is to send protein or add baking powder. Today, I share a yeast version, which is easy to learn, and I think it is delicious and softer than baking powder. If you don't want to eat a baking powder muffin without an egg beater, then this post must be collected.
In addition, the purple potato and the muffin are really delicious. It is soft and sweet, slightly decorated, and has the feeling of a thousand layers of cake. It can be used to lick children, and it is better to be yourself.
The taste made by this side is not sweet, if you like dessert, you can add sugar.
Low powder 60g
Yeast 1 g
Milk (or formula) 50g
Honey (or white sugar) 20g
Corn oil 10g
1 egg
Purple Potato Mud:
10 grams of sugar
Purple potato 2
Milk amount
1, take a large bowl, use yeast to open the yeast
2, add corn oil, honey (or white sugar), eggs are evenly mixed, emulsified to no oil star.
3, sift into low powder, like cooking, stir until no dry powder, no graininess, do not stir in circles to prevent flour from gluten.
4, mixed even batter covered with plastic wrap placed for about 40 minutes waiting for fermentation, the specific fermentation time, depending on the temperature, sent to twice as large, full of large bubbles is fermented.
5, purple potato steamed into a mud, add milk, sugar, stir into purple potato mud, spare
6, the batter is fermented to twice as large, full of large bubbles. Put the pot, do not put oil in the pot, simmer a spoonful of cake, wait for the bubble, turn over when the bubble bursts in a large area
7, muffins cooked quickly, after the two colors can be out of the pot, take a muffin coated with a layer of purple potato mud, overlap to your favorite height, the top muffin is not painted purple potato.
8, add a little water to the purple potato puree in the bowl, turn into a paste, pour the purple potato paste on the top, according to your favorite decoration
Then you can start enjoying it.

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Thank you!

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Ok, I will learn and try, thank you

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