Cooking DIY ·Tomato and chicken meatball soup

I love tomatoes and chicken!! Eating too much is not afraid to grow fat ha!
Chicken breast low calorie high protein! I love it recently! Eat more tomatoes can whitening Oh! Use a wall breaker to beat tomatoes into thick tomato juice! The tomato soup is as good as the western restaurant!
300g chicken breast, 50g corn kernels, 50g carrots, 3 tomatoes, 35g corn starch, 1 tablespoon raw soy sauce, pepper and a little salt
Add corn and carrots to the wall breaking machine and set the 5th gear for 10 seconds! Corn and carrot kernels need not be crushed too much to keep the taste!
Cut chicken breast meat and add the wall breaking machine to adjust 6 gears and beat for 8 seconds to make chicken puree! Clean the tomatoes, cut them into pieces, add in the wall breaking machine, pour in half a bowl of water and beat into tomato juice.
Add chicken puree, beat carrot and corn, 35g corn starch, 1 spoon of soy sauce, a little pepper and salt to the plate and mix well. Put on gloves and knead into round balls!
Pour the tomato juice into the pot, add 1 bowl of clear water and boil for 10 minutes, add chicken balls and cook until done. Finally, mix corn starch with water to thicken and pour into tomato soup. Stir well. Season with a little salt!!
In this way, tomato soup with chicken balls will be ready!!
Taste: sour and sweet taste! Chicken meatballs are very delicate ~ with corn and carrots in them!! It's delicious! One pill and one thick soup! Nutritious, healthy and delicious!! Come on, too!
This portion can be made into 9-10 balls. Add cornstarch or flour when kneading the balls!! Tomatoes need to be beaten into juice to make a thick soup.

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