Cooking DIY·Solutions, not fat, Dipstring

Today, my mouth is very special, I want to eat barbecue, hot pot, barbecue... But what if I don’t want to gain weight?
Don't worry, today, do not put a drop of oil, low heat and low card, delicious and not fat, and satisfy the satisfaction of the lazy people.
Dip sauce: 1 spicy rice, 2 grams of spiced powder, 4 grams of chili powder (slightly spicy), soy sauce 10 grams, water 250ml, starch 10 grams, salt amount
Recommended dishes: fungus, konjac, mushrooms, cauliflower, enoki mushroom, shrimp, beef belly (what do you like to put)...
NO.1 Prepare your favorite dishes and string them up. Each set of recommendations is only 1~2, which is convenient for sauce.

NO.2 Put 250ml of water in the wok, add 1 millet spicy, 2 grams of spiced powder, 4 grams of chili powder, 10 grams of soy sauce, 2 grams of salt, cook for 5 minutes, cook the taste. (I prefer to eat spicy, can not eat too spicy, only put chili powder)

NO.3 10 starch plus 2 tablespoons of hydration, pour into the pot, stir quickly while pouring, cook the switch fire, and put it out in the bowl.

NO.4 Cuisine pot and half pot boiled, put the skewers into the cooked, take the skewer and eat it.

NO.5 can be eaten while cooking, eating is fun. You can also cook it all and let it cool, then eat it. It is comfortable to eat~

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