Cooking DIY ·Sausage toast

It's Halloween. Make a funny and interesting food today!
Let's make up the sausage for Halloween.
ğŸŽƒPoor little sausage with bandageğŸŽƒ
Shivering with fear from the little ghosts around
Dare not move...
We can only seek comfort from each other
It's very simple.
Just slice the cheese and wrap it around the sausages.
I'm using a mold to make toast look like a ghost and put it around.
Let's try it together

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Happy Hallowe'en


31.10.2019 14:21

Hello @hurryhurry
I see you are still new here and I am glad to see that you are working to fill up your blog. Can I suggest that you start slowing down your posting to once a day and let us curators catch up with you? I really like your recipes and I am sure that others will too

31.10.2019 18:01

Thank you😊

01.11.2019 01:59

You should be careful, because most of them are stolen from other resources. Most probably from Chinese websites that are not crawled by Google.

01.11.2019 12:43