Cooking DIY·Purple sweet potato crisp

Today, make purple potato crispy taroToday, make purple potato crispy taro crispy and pumpkin crispy crispy and pumpkin crispy.
It's really convenient to make all kinds of crisps with egg tarts. It's so simple that you can't cook. The family boasts that you can make snacks!
Purple potato puree, pumpkin puree, taro puree, egg tart skin, half yolk, black sesame
NO.1 A little honey and condensed milk in taro mud will taste better, and a little milk in purple potato will be more soft.
NO.2 knead the purple potato mud, pumpkin mud and taro mud into a small ball of uniform size, about 18 g, half of the yolk is broken. Take out the egg tart skin refrigerator and put it in the oven for 170 ℃ for one minute, not too long or it will be too soft to tear off the aluminum foil.
NO.3 Wrap the egg tarts and rub them into a circle. Brush a little yolk liquid and bake them in the oven at 195 ℃ for 20 minutes. Without preheating, a plate of sweet potato crisp, purple potato crisp and pumpkin crisp is ready. I can't help eating several. It's better to eat when it's hot!

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