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Coke chicken wings many partners like to eat, some even delicious to stop, that's the problem! How to make chicken wings with coke?
Today, I'll make the legendary chicken wings of finger sucking cola. If you like it, you can go home and do it!
Chicken wings 8-12, coke, soy sauce, oil consumption, cooking wine, salt, ginger, sesame
NO·1 Wash chicken wings and cut 3 times on both sides.
NO·2 Put a proper amount of cold water in the pot (the added cold water can't exceed the chicken wings), put the chicken wings into the cold water, add a proper amount of ginger and two spoonfuls of cooking wine, and boil over high heat until there is foam on the surface.
No. 3 skim off the froth, take out and wash with cold water, drain off the water for use.
NO·4 Preheat the pan, brush it with a little oil, fry the chicken wings under the pan over low heat, add some ginger (I'm used to adding a taste and then taking it), fry until both sides are slightly yellow~
NO·5 Add 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of oil consumption, a little salt, stir fry and color evenly, add a can of coke, without chicken wings.
NO·6 Cover the pot and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes.
NO·7 Heat to thicken, sprinkle sesame seeds, and serve~
Be careful:
NO·1 A few strokes of chicken wings for better taste
NO·2 Ginger and cooking wine are added to remove the fishy smell.
NO·3 Remember to drain the boiled chicken wings, or they will splash oil when frying.
NO·4 Friends who don't like sweet and greasy food can use diet coke. The chicken wings made of diet coke are delicious and not greasy.
NO·5 At the end of the collection, you should turn it over frequently, or it will be easy to paste.
The chicken wings made by this method are fragrant and tender. They don't even think it's enough to eat a plate. They're so delicious that they can suck their hands.

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