Cooking DIY·Butter Cookies

This time, I will change my style of painting to not cook, but to make dessert.
To do what? Make cute cream cookies, or bear!
Bear is holding Oreo biscuit, so cute that he can't bear to eat it.

White granulated sugar———30g

Whole egg liquid———20g

Low-gluten flour——110g

Powdered Milk————20g

Cocoa powder———2g

Mini Oreo Biscuits (for decoration)
Proper amount of chocolate (for decoration)
NO ·1
Soften butter at room temperature, add white sugar and stir evenly, add egg liquid and stir until butter is slightly white
NO ·2
Sift in low gluten flour, milk powder and cocoa powder, mix them evenly and knead them into dough. Wrap them with plastic wrap and roll them thin. Refrigerate for half an hour.
NO ·3
Remove the refrigerated dough and put it on the oiled paper, press out the shape with the mould, put it into the baking tray, put it into the preheated oven and bake it at 160 ℃ for about 15 minutes.
NO ·4
Take out the baked biscuits to cool, melt the chocolate, draw the facial features on the surface of the biscuits, stick the mini Oreo biscuits on the biscuits with chocolate and refrigerate for 10 minutes.
The bear shaped butter cookie is finished.
If you are in trouble with oranges, you don't need to decorate them.
Very crispy and delicious! You can try.

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