It's not Greta thunberg, Saalumarda thimmaka should be known every where.

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Hello viewers , now bringing a story about real environmentalist who planted around 400+ baniyan trees for four kilo meters in India and grew,take care them through out her life.

Thank you for watching my @threespeak video. Hope you like it and support me.

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Welcome @hungryharish.
I look forward to seeing your 3speak content full of interesting and useful news and information 😁👍

27.09.2019 14:50

Thank you @tonytrillions. Hope I do best on this wonderful platform.

27.09.2019 15:36

We're lacking environmentalists in the world just like thia woman, there is the cutting of trees and burning of bushes so much that we're harming our ozone layer. In a nutshell I really salute the brilliant contribution of this woman to mother Earth.

27.09.2019 16:17

Thanks for stopping by, yes. That's absolutely right. Hats off to her.

27.09.2019 16:40

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