Steem needs beautiful Advertisement Asap !!

When I see regularly people complain about the steem price and failing to reach masses , I wonder and study what we are lacking despite having great community, regular hard forks and hundreds of DApps & projects.


From last few days I am constantly getting the Google maps advert which is hilarious and at in point targeted at users. It don't have any celebrity or star but a common Google user who goes on solo trip around the India by using Google maps.

It's soo close to real and even didn't hide little awkward situations we face while going to travel.
I really loved the idea and advert and seriously wish Steem should have this type of add which has more uses and really effecting the lives of people around the world.

Check out some screen shots from the advert and have some laugh.

They even shown the girl falls down while singing song and taking self video 😝😍 tried too appear much natural .

Seriously even we can't create with another concept, at least we can recreate the same with cases with Steem and it's benefit, features and push it to the mainstream social media.

I wish I can create this but I don't have either team or plan. So I want to gift 200 steem for any one who creates a video atleast with one user case and publish it on either @dtube or @appics or @threespeak.

Hello @blocktrades can you help me reward good video creators for to push steem ??

I hope more sponsors gonna join me and reward the video creators.


1) The video must be in HD 720P format, so we can put in the Facebook or Instagram platforms.

2) The video should state the long-term benefits to start business on steem and please avoid to portray as side line money making opportunity.

3) There should no abuses or racial statements.

4) The music if used in video should be available free on internet and no copy righted already.

Hope I can see good videos soon floating around the block chain regarding steem.

Happy steeming.

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