Giving away steem for Indians who onboarding others on steem.

You can see me posting daily about the steem onboarding and promotion activities I do in India.
I love introducing steem to people and see their excitement after learning they can earn crypto here with their data and same work they are doing on other social platforms.

As the new EIP brought curation curve, I see most of the projects are going manually and rewarding quality content.

I love how the things changing slowly and going in a better way. Already the liquid steem is decreasing on exchanges while the power up trend is going up.

People now consider and realized that instead of writing shit, actually they can earn more by curation. I see I am getting upvotes from the curation projects freely which once considered businesses who are ruining experience on steem.

Every where I go, if the person is heavy internet user or creative person, I sit with them to discuss about the steem, introduce them and help them to learn.

I have been Onboarded good number of people when considered the time period I am in steem which is just 9 months.

I loved when they got their first payout and seriously can't believe and sent thank you message to me for introducing them to steem.

Till now I have been Onboarded

@hungryanu @yogeshvictory @adiakula @bbkashyap @vzayy @rakeshvalugula @pratyusha121 @ganeshpspk @gurumahendra @mudgal01 @NayanAbcdefg @santhosh.zadu

But out of these people only few are active still now. The major issues they are faced and left the platform is not the steem price.

complex environment

It's really hard for the newbies for the first few weeks if they didn't get connected to the right people and learn how things work here. What content can get audience and how they can use the DApps suitable for their bhevaiour.

There need to be a steem guide which can be updated with hardforks details every time for people as reference to learn and purse their journey.

No SP for posting and curation

On the first day, when I am doing my second post I got bandwidth error and not letting me post. I don't have idea about resource credits or who help me to learn. I was thought that was a bug because no one told me about it. 😂

If they get taste of Steem power for few days , they eventually invest in it without any doubt and make them promote steem more.

These are two things I have observed which making the newbies leave the platform very early without even seeing the potential here to change the way they use internet.


So this is not any particular contest but reward the people who using their valuable time to promote steem and inboard the people here.

Tag the people you have Onboarded on steem in the comments. I will check and reward everyone for their work with 1 steem to 10 steem based on how many people they Onboarded.

Hope this encourage more people to participate in on boarding and promote steem which is essential at this time.

If you liked this contest and want to sponsor please give upvote and help me to reward more people.jbgn3f30mo.jpg

@steemonboarding @blocktrades look here and see if you can help this.

Steem will sent to the participants once the payout of the post done.

Resteem this, so more people will join here and promote steem to get rewarded.

Thank you

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