Does Youthful Love Derail Young Entrepreneurs?

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The time of your youth is a time to be enjoyed. You have the physical energy to have as much fun as you want to. With age comes, slower movement, less excitement, as you're no longer as curious as you once were. So many youths take this fact too far, and go to extra miles to make themselves happy. But here's another truth that they don't realize. The time of your youth is also a time to plant seeds. Seeds that will turn into trees, that will shade you for the rest of your life.

During the time of youth, you go into relationships. Some beneficial, some very harmful. It's a time of indiscretion for most. The hormones are super charged, and you find the opposite gender, so much more attractive. There's that burning desire to explore your sexuality. During this time, some young people fall in love, without even understanding what to look for in a partner. Add get married to this person, who would not add much value to them.

Sometimes, that little fun, leads to pregnancy. A responsibility, not planned for. Before long, the families force a married. Sometimes, these youths are forced to marry each other when there was probably no love, they just wanted to have some fun. As a young entrepreneur, all this can really derail you. Getting into a relationship when you're not mature enough for the emotional strength it takes to maintain a relationship and work hard on your goals at the same time.

As an entrepreneur in your youthful phase of life. What you really have is a huge freedom and a luxury of taking risk. This is because a man must take risk when he's young. But by falling in love, and rushing into marriage, some entrepreneurs lose sight of their own dreams and goals. The whole commitment of marriage is too heavy to carry. They're unable to take risks so early in life, because they're scared for their partner or for their new family.

Image source - Pixabay

It becomes really hard, when youths fall in love with someone probably in a different state from theirs. Which is called a distance relationship. They start having the expenses of travelling over there, losing momentum from their work, and overspending their income. Sometimes, a male youth doesn't go for a girl he can afford, he goes for expensive girls, that his young wallet can't maintain. He learns the harsh way, when his pocket is all dry in no long time. These savings of his, could have been better used in planning for his future.

Some youths actually have the finance to support the relationship. But it takes a lot of time from them. Time that should have otherwise been used to work more on their goals. Sometimes, young people tend to be very jealous and insecure. You find a young man who is supposed to be completely present at work, thinking of his girlfriend that is far away, wondering if she's with someone else. Youthful love makes many young entrepreneurs lose focus.

I'm not of the opinion that a young entrepreneur shouldn't have fun. Do have fun, it's a good thing, every once in a while. But getting into a serious relationship, when you're supposed to be free and working actively on your goals is something else. In my opinion, you can get into relationships, but ones with less commitments, so your mind isn't fully used up in the relationship. Later in life, perhaps late 20s or early 30s when you're ready completely to settle down, then you should be thinking of a more commitment relationship.

I'm not saying that all young entrepreneurs that get into serious relationships too early in life lose sight of their goals. I'm only saying that most do. But in some exceptions, in fact, falling in love have helped some young entrepreneurs become more focused, and settled. Doing all they can to make ends meet for themselves and for their partner, and family. In some cases, these youthful love can be truly beneficial, when you find the right partner, who has an entrepreneurs mindset as well. And allows you follow your dreams and goals.

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