Steem WOmen Club Contest #13 What Can You Do And Get With 50 Steem? Do you earn income with Steem?


Hello beautiful ones, I am writing on the contest #13 what can you do with 50 steem. Digital currency is leading in our daily lives. It has taken over the universe and there is nothing anyone can do to stop the wide range of people that is accessible to the currency. It has improved so much that it can be used for almost everything in our lives. We encounter the use of crypto currency in one way or the other in our lives and steem is one of the crypto currency that is fast rising with a very note able recommendations.

Steem as a crypto currency that it is has almost dominated most crypto currency that were higher than it in value in the past which is a very nice one for us.

Talking of what I can do with 50 steem: 50 steem at #600 per 1 is equivalent to #30000 which is a huge some of amount. An amount of Money that can get almost all your needs if not all of them done. When the needs are solved, it brings about happiness and peace which is very essential to one's health/well being.

I can get my sign-out costume,CCA concert costume and some nice sneakers that will be very befitting for an occasion with 50 steem and still have some reservation from it. Yes, there will be some reservation because I am not definitely planning to spend all of it at once(that is not good management at all).
When I look good on the costume I bought from 50 steem, what is do we call "Happiness" I don't think there is.

images (26).jpeg
Demin jacket

images (27).jpeg
Demin pants


50 steem can transform a person's life entirely that is when used wisely. If I should invest it in Vintage shirt which is sold #16000 by 10 pieces and Vintage scarfs which is #13500 by 15 pieces. Now these shirts are sold for #3000 to 5000 per 1 depending on the client you met and the scarfs are sold for 1500 no matter the type of client you meet(that is the normal price for it). If at all these shirts were sold for #3000, multiply by 10=#30000 and scarf #1500 multiply by 15 =22500, Now let's do some calculations: 30000+22500= 525000.

Vintage shirt



Wow that is a huge amount of money that was just gotten from 50 steem, Awesome!!!

What of body lotion and hair essentials?

Looking beautiful and nice is everyone priority most especially "Women" we value our beauty so very much that even an ordinary spot caused by a pimple can cause some women to have a low sef esteem.
In Nigeria, women do not joke with their skin and hair. They are their first focus in their spendings and really do spend in caring care of it. Even for those who are not too financially stable still find themselves trying to look good and fix there hair.

Body scrub

Facial cream

Body liquid soap

50 steem buy all my cream set and some hair products which is very beneficial to me in all ramifications.

50 steem, 50 steem, 50 steem!!

50 steem will dust my CCA tye-dye practical exams hands down. It will clear up the expenses that I won't even feel like anything happeed. Tye-dye with a 100% cotton brocade, dye colors, caustic soda, hydro-sophite and others necessary things which are important in the tye-dye process will be cleared in a twinkle of an eye making the whole practical exam a successful one.

images (30).jpeg
Already finished work

images (29).jpeg
100% cotton brocade

images (28).jpeg

Tye-dye materials are beautiful yes but the process is an expensive one.

What of buying things with 50 steem??

Currently in Nigeria, I get be able to use steem to purchase anything, but wait! I get sell it, get my cash and use the cash to buy anything I so choose to buy. Yes!! It's that easy and simple.

Thank you to the women club community for this great opportunity @steemwomensclub and to the notable supporters of this constest @steemcurator01

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Your post is nice @humble2345, you really calculated what each of them would cost you. Hopefully we would get more than this and it would help in lifting a lot of burden.

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Thank you

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As beautiful as themselves!

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Thank you

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Gracias por compartir tu experiencia!!!

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Muchísimas gracias

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hi dear,

That is a lovely collection and quite inspiring for me as a new user, who joined yesterday. Love to know more about it @mileycohen follow me ūüĎč

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Thank you

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