"WINNER II - WEEK XII- Macrophotography Contest World Of Xpilar Community"





good evening friends all this happy opportunity I would like to post a post about my victory in the WORLD OF XPILR contest on macrophoptography.

and I am very grateful to @xpilar and @sultan-aceh who have chosen me as the 2nd winner in the XII week of and I am very grateful, and very happy, and for the future, I hope this contest will always run smoothly, and always compact, and can produce extraordinary content.

and my hope for the future is that the Aceh-team will always be compact and good luck always and hopefully it will be more advanced and good.

and for those who have not been able to win, stay enthusiastic and continue to fight, so that they can produce good content.

and that is my winnings post on this occasion, and if there are any words that are wrong, you can comment below so that I can correct them, and greetings from me @humaidi




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12.04.2021 14:49

Congratulations @humaidi your post will receive
60% upvote from World of Xpilar Community Curation Trail

13.04.2021 02:30

thank you very much @xpilar

13.04.2021 03:13