New Weekly Contest: share moments of togetherness with family and win 15 steem prize pools


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good night steemit friends, and on this happy night hopefully friends are still in good health always.

after I joined this community and I am very happy to be part of this community, since I was appointed as a moderator we share tasks, and every week we hold a contest with a different title, but this week's contest is different from the previous contest.

the contest I made this week is "share moments of togetherness with family". Family is the most beautiful gift that is destined by the almighty for his servant, and something that cannot be exchanged for anything.

every relationship or family there must be a moment that cannot be forgotten or the most beautiful moment, because every human being is born from a family.And I am very interested in making this contest, because family is everything, and all humans love their families.

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  • all languages accepted
  • your post must be original
  • Invite three of your friends to join this contest
  • your post must be made in the Whole World's Diary community.
  • your content is at least 300 words
  • Tag us @humaidi, @badsha1 dan @mdshafi so we can find your content as soon as possible.
  • Use this tag @whole-world , @worlddairy #yourcountry (like #indonesia country).
  • you have to share your original image,and share the location.
  • Posts are not accepted if there is plagiarism, or copy paste from any source, must be the original post.

Posts accepted until june 27 time 23:59 WIB

Reward pool system

Rank Prize
Rank1 6
Rank2 4
Rank3 3
Rank4 2

I look forward to posting from you, and I hope you all join this contest, thank you.

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very good work this friend is awesome

20.06.2021 17:32

Terimakasih @riska-amanda

20.06.2021 17:45

amazing contest, my friend, God willing, if there are no obstacles, I will follow it..

20.06.2021 17:48

Thanks, I'll be waiting for your post.

20.06.2021 18:08
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We invite you to take part in a contest that we hold in the NASI Community. Visit our community page and don't forget to "Subscribe" and join the Discords NASI Community.
20.06.2021 20:33

Good contest dear i will join very soon!

21.06.2021 05:25

thank you, I'm waiting for your post,

21.06.2021 05:31

Very good cocontest👍

22.06.2021 04:33

Thanks a lot,,

22.06.2021 04:34


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22.06.2021 11:58

Wow this is great I will love to participate.

23.06.2021 14:12

I am waiting for your post,

23.06.2021 14:16

@humaidi exelente concurso!!!

24.06.2021 02:02

This is a lovely contest @humaidi it sure makes one reminisce on family and it's importance.

Here's my entry

24.06.2021 14:57

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Thank you from The bottom of my heart ❤️

25.06.2021 05:30

Thanks a lot my friend ,

25.06.2021 09:11

Oh wow thank you @mdshafi
I'd love to bring more contents on this platform.

27.06.2021 21:35

Wow!!!, this is another interesting contest, I love it and I will be among the participants, thanks

26.06.2021 09:50

I am waiting for your post,

26.06.2021 10:21

Good morning, This is My entry

27.06.2021 03:04

Excelente concurso, particularmente mi familia es lo más importante en mi vida. estaré encantada de hacer mi presentación en este concurso

27.06.2021 20:11