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My Weekly contest Steem Power Up : 282 Steem ||10% Beneficiery to the @tron-fan-club


Hello, how are you all friends, especially those in the #Tron-Fan-Club community I hope you are all in good health always and still in the protection of the almighty God, hopefully today is better than yesterday, now on this occasion I want to take part in a contest held in the Tron Fan Club community, which is about power ups.

So today I've done 282 steem power ups, and now I'm at #club75, and I always do power ups every week, besides that power ups are very important for future account growth.

And I also invite all of you to do regular power ups every week, by doing power ups we have invested in the future.

some documents when I do power up, before and after.






A week ago I have done a power up, and have become a dolphin in steemit, and for the future hopefully more dolphins will be born.

Now my steem power has reached 5,427 steem, and hopefully I can do routine power ups, so that I can become a dolphin dable.

and this is my participation post in the weekly power up contest in the #Tron-Fan-Club community. Hopefully in the future I can also participate in this contest, and my target for April is to reach 6000 steem power.

Well that's my post on this occasion, hopefully it can be a motivation for all of you to do power ups, and thanks to all of you who have stopped by and read my post, good night and see you in my next post, thank you.


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