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#club75 || some tips that parents can do to help increase their little one's weight to reach the ideal or according to age standards. ||

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Hello all steemit friends, I hope you are all in good health always, and still in the protection of the almighty God, now as usual I want to share posts that are useful for children, hopefully parents in the #steemkidss community can read this post, now for this time I want to share how to increase weight in children, let's get started.

weight is one of the benchmarks whether the child is growing well or not. Therefore, it is very important for every parent to pay attention to or weigh the weight of their little one every month,

especially if your little one is under 1 year old or still a baby because if you are still a baby, your little one's weight must increase every month. In accordance with the prescribed age standards, if the baby's weight does not increase according to standards, this means that your little one is not getting enough nutritional intake. given by parents for physical growth and brain development.



What are the consequences if your little one's weight doesn't go up according to the standard?

  • Children are susceptible to illness or infection such as coughs, colds, fever or diarrhea, this happens because the immune system or immune system is weak.
  • Delayed physical growth such as height. Research results show that children who are underweight are lower than children whose ideal weight or height is good.
  • Malnutrition occurs if it is not addressed immediately, malnutrition or the occurrence of malnutrition requires more serious or longer treatment.
  • the child is very weak so that it interferes with concentration and the learning process if the weight of the little baby or toddler does not rise according to the standard or his weight is below the ideal standard, it should be addressed immediately

but before dealing with it, you must know what is the real cause of your little one's weight?

or what is the cause of the child's weight does not increase according to the standard?



there are several things that cause the child's weight to be less or not increase according to the standard ..!!

  • Insufficient intake of nutrients such as breast milk or solid food.
  • the little one or the child is getting more active
  • your child has an eating disorder.
  • your little one is sick like a cold, cough or diarrhea.

In general, every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and smart, of course, if their child is healthy, parents can save on medical expenses and if the child is smart, parents can save on education costs.

Therefore, if parents want their children to grow up healthy and smart, parents must pay attention to the child's weight whether it is in accordance with the standards or whether it is ideal or not, if the parents already know what is the cause of the baby's weight not increasing according to standards or less This meal makes it easier to overcome or find a solution.



Here are some tips that parents can do to help increase their little one's weight to reach the ideal or according to age standards.

1. your little one's nutritional intake.

both from breast milk or solid food, if your little one is still a baby or is still exclusively breastfed to meet their needs, you should give breast milk to your little one often, it should even be more often than that, but it should be noted that the original must be of high quality, not only many poems but still of high quality.

2. if the little one has been given milk.

pay attention to the dose of milk given, well it is not uncommon for parents to give the wrong dose of milk that does not match their needs or does not comply with the rules of use, for example too watery, if the milk is too runny this causes nutrients or calories or nutrients that the child's body needs not well enough.



3. if the child has been introduced to eating and is older.

you can add fat to your baby's food, such as adding olive oil, butter, or non-fat mayonnaise, to your child's food or food menu, just give one spoon, you don't need a lot, just a spoon can increase the calories of the food your little one consumes.

4. get enough sleep, especially at night.

children who are too active and sleep deprived, especially at night. This can cause weight loss, because when children are active, the calories in the body will be used continuously as a source of energy, that's why active children need higher calories or nutrients than inactive children.

5. Overcome your little one's problems. If you have an eating disorder or have difficulty eating.

underweight or not gaining weight most often is because your child is lazy to eat or doesn't want to eat, therefore if your little one doesn't want to eat, you should be able to give varied foods, give your child's favorite foods in small but frequent portions and make a regular eating schedule regular.

6. if there is a health problem or the child is sick.

immediately consult a doctor if your little one's weight doesn't go up because of a digestive disorder or your little one is sick, the first thing parents have to do is heal their little one from illness, if your little one has started to recover with good nutrition and If you are healthy and fulfilled, then your little one's weight will increase slowly.

So, that was the way to increase your little one's weight, hopefully the tips this time will be useful for parents at home and in the future there will be other tips that are more useful for parents.

Hopefully this post can be useful for all of us, thank you for stopping by and reading this post, see you in the next post, thank you.

Gretings from me @humaidi

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